The Pfizer Covid drug results look very, very good

And we know this drug class can be effective even against HIV (which vaccines have failed against completely for 35 years).

The comparison to HIV/AIDS is incredibly instructive - even though HIV was hugely lethal and was primarily spread by people without symptoms, we did not attempt to quarantine or restrict in any way even people we knew had it. We did not insist on mass testing even in high-risk groups. Our public health authorities DISCOURAGED rather than encouraged panic. We tested vaccines carefully (and found they failed despite promising early results).

Despite early panic, we treated HIV as a medical problem to be solved piece-by-piece with therapeutics, not a society-ending threat that needed a this-second magic bullet (though, again, HIV is far more dangerous and has killed far more people and especially young people than Covid ever will). And we did.

Unfortunately we learned NOTHING from our experience.

Fortunately the scientists may yet bail us out from the mess we - and they - have made. Certainly that’s what today’s plunge in Moderna stock suggests.

If Uncle Joe and the boys will let them, that is.

If only we had a pill to help senile leaders make better decisions. Alas.