The corporate Big Tech censors are failing

Facebook shares are getting crushed today, down almost 25%. The company’s value has fallen today by more than Boeing and General Motors are WORTH.

Why? For the first time ever, the number of Facebook users is shrinking. (The ridiculous rebranding to “Meta Platforms” probably doesn’t help.)

Apparently deplatforming every person and group who has a non-woke thought isn’t working out as well as Mark Zuckerberg had hoped.


Meanwhile, things are going great at Twitter too:

Twitter banned me on August 28. Since then, shares of the little bird have fallen almost 50 percent.

Censorship isn’t just un-American and contrary to the First Amendment and California and federal law.

It’s terrible for business.

Especially when this (from a blog post in February 2021) is your stated corporate reason for being:

Twitter exists to empower voices to be heard, and we continue to make improvements to our service so that everyone — no matter their views or perspective — feels safe participating in the public conversation.


Everyone, huh?

Like those old movie theater ads for THX said, The audience is listening.

And they don’t like what they’re hearing.