Team Vaxpocalypse has lost the plot

I almost feel bad for Megan Ranney, MD MPH; the incoherence and cognitive dissonance on display here is something very special

This week, Dr. Ranney - one of the leading public health voices (Gawd help us) on Covid policy - offered readers at her thoughts on where we are now and what happens next.

I will do my best to translate this majestic piece of cognitive dissonance, Faulkner-style:

the vaccines are saving everyone and you should be superhappy you got yours which is why infections are through the roof but hospitalizations aren't but oh wait they are and deaths too but if we just vaccinate children, who are KNOWN not to be at risk from OR SPREAD the virus it would all be okay but we will never get back to normal but science will save us if we just trust us also make sure you open the windows because that’s the only thing that actually works -

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.

(Sorry, that last line is ACTUALLY Faulkner. Snuck in there somehow.)

Only thing she forgot to mention: get ready for a booster even though it probably won't work and maybe another booster after that and who knows what’s next but trust us even though we’ve been wrong about oh pretty much everything we’ve told you since last March -


Sorry. Run-on sentences, another symptom of long Covid! I better get checked.

So, yeah, it’s all a joke, only -

All-cause-mortality is running at least 10% above normal in England and Scotland, the only places we have decent near-real-time data. This has been a trend for two months now in England, longer in Scotland. Both countries are 80%+ fully vaccinated for adults. Covid is through the roof both places too.

I don’t know why. Truly. Do the health authorities? Because it would be nice if they’d tell us. Or at least acknowledge the reality and investigate it.