Suffer the children

VAERS - the federal side effects reporting system - has received more than 500 reports of life-threatening events, permanent disability,or deaths following mRNA shots in kids and adolescents.

In the light of today’s report that the jabs actually increase the risk of Covid infection in kids under 12 - and do little or nothing to reduce hospitalizations - I figured you might want to see what those reports actually look like.

Lots of myo/pericarditis and other cardiovascular events:

A fair bit of sudden-onset diabetes and DKA:

And the occasional psychiatric crisis:

Don’t worry, though, the vaccine fanatics will be glad to tell you correlation is not causation and VAERS is not reliable (they are correct, the data suggest that 70 to 95 percent of events are NOT reported, depending on seriousness).

Anyway it was all worth it to save grandma or something! Remember, dead kids have their whole lives behind them, grandma has precious years ahead.*

*Official motto of Team Apocalypse.**

**Stuff like this is why they hate me.


Let them.

I will never stop coming for the people who did this.