Russia runs into the realest politik of all (Part 1)

You’ll never guess who thinks Ukraine is worth fighting for.

The Ukrainians.

While the West simultaneously whines about Vlad and loads up on Russian natural gas, the good citizens of the UKR are putting their blood where their polling data is.

Fair to say this fight was unexpected. I did have a flash on Wednesday - did the Russians really expect to take Ukraine with 30,000 soldiers, a force smaller than the NYPD? - but I assumed that the consensus had to be right.

Maybe not.

The tactical problem - from Russia’s point of view - is twofold. The Ukrainians are fighting harder than Russia expected, and Russia’s preparations appear to have been shoddy, premised on plans for a very fast and easy fight.

Tanks without gasoline are paperweights, which is why the US Army spends so much time and money on logistics. Say what you like about the Pentagon, but it would not let its armored vehicles run out of gas three days into an invasion.

And so with every hour and night that passes, Russia’s overwhelming superiority looks more and more mythical - giving the Ukrainians reason to wonder if they can beat the bear, or at least do enough damage to him to send him back over the border.

This turn of events is both heartening and EXTREMELY dangerous…