Remember a few days ago when I posted the smoking gun EcoHealth Alliance research proposal from 2018

And a bunch of you asked me what it meant?

This is close to what I would have written if I’d had the time (though it has a little bit of extra editorializing about scientists scratching each other’s backs which I don’t think is necessary in this case because the facts are so stark). And I wish it had more about who Daszak is - the headline promises that, but it’s really about the 2018 proposal. At this point, Daszak merits a deep biographical investigation - like back to childhood.

All you need to know about the Bad Cat is that Twitter bounced him about five months before it bounced me. He’s good.

bad cattitude
peter daszak: supervillain origin story
there are a million stories in the naked city, but perhaps the story that really ought to be keeping you up at night is the story of the (increasingly ironically named) ecohealth alliance (EHA) and its founder, peter daszak. it’s a story of nefarious plans, shady dealings, and stunning lapses in judgement and it’s a story that is FAR from over and look…
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