I have known Tony Fauci since I was a medical student on his service for a quarter in 1976-77.At the time,he was known primarily for work he and his mentor,Dr Sheldon Wolfe had done on the treatment of Wegener’s Granulomatosis.He was enormously and notoriously ecotistical even then.The running joke at the time was “Tony is the world’s greatest doctor- just ask him”. I returned to NIH in the early 80’s as a fellow,at which point,he had become director of the NIAID.With the advent of HIV(whose causative agent was co-described by Dr Robert Gallo at NIH) Tony moved wholly into political hackery and pushed himself forward front and center as the face of the government response to the virus,stabbing Reagan in the back all the way.You have correctly stated that he was behind the effort to convince the American people that everyone was at risk of acquiring HIV,not,as most physicians already knew to be the case,primarily those practicing receptive anal intercourse or IV drug use.He sponsored this public health deception,because he suspected the public would be less supportive of HIV research if they understood who was truly at risk.From Ebola to the the Wuhan virus pandemia,he has practiced deception and deceit,and in the later instance has stooped to the most gross demagoguery in implying that he,the mighty Fauci,is actually the living embodiment of science itself.He is nothing but a political hack,and to my knowledge hasn’t had personal responsibility for the care of any patient in over 40 years.Quite frankly,he should be sacked…

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Questioning Fauci isn’t questioning science. Questioning IS science.

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Quite frankly Facui is a quack snake oil pedler. Quite frankly NOT a scientist. BTW I have a doctorate in the sciences and I know a lot of what he says is quite frankly bullshit. Frankly speaking.

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Here's a new one. Pharmacies in my area (Northwest Chicago) will not fill legitimate prescriptions for Ivermectin if it's for a diagnosis related to Covid! I called 4 different pharmacies, and some of the pharmacist were nasty, and I am a physician! They argued over studies! They have it, but won't fill it even if you want to pay cash! Unbelievable. They said it's off label, and I said so what! If I am a licensed physician and choose with my patient to use a drug off label, that's between them and me. Physicians do that all the time.

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Am I the only one who believes Fauci took a placebo?

Give me some love if you agree…or believe it's highly plausible.

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Good Lord, what are we doing? I’m beyond perplexed by our government’s rational. I can’t wrap my head around what’s going on. And I can’t wrap my head around the sheeple that won’t take a few hours to look at the data themselves. It’s all so bizarre.

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Fauci is sloppy and makes and changes public health pronouncements that impact 300,000,000 people by sticking his finger in the wind. To hell with him.

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I'd like a good explanation of why Rand Paul "doesn't know what he's talking about". Fauci should be sat down in a chair, and not allowed to leave it until he gives a detailed, coherent explanation for his extremely disrespectful response to a U.S. senator.

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Anthony Fauci is a megalomaniac.. it’s time for America to put him on the shelf, along with his fellow (as they rub elbows, unmasked) Nancy Pelosi, whom is 81 years of age. ITS TIME AMERICA, THEY ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH!

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Israel to Grant “Green Passports” Only to Triple-Vaccinated

sorry, double-vaxxers, you will soon be named "anti-vaxxers"

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I wonder what Fauci would say about this:

Trying to find the US numbers, but here are the Canadian numbers:

From Gov of Canada's website about 27,000 reported Covid deaths in 2020:

Average age of Covid death in 2020 = 84.

Average life expectancy in 2019 = 76.

That's right. The average person with Covid lived around 8 years longer than the average person dying of other causes.

When the sample sizes are large enough to remove bias over a year, doesn't this little nugget of fact mean the covid patients had lower or same all-cause mortality than the non-covid patients? If you have two statistically similar groups, and the only thing different between them is Covid, doesn't a higher average age of death have some correlation to all-cause mortality? We use all-cause mortality as the gold standard in all kinds of trials to decide if a treatment is good or not, how about to decide if a certain disease is a lethal one or not?

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Fauci is a smug evil little man, and I pray that he gets his just desserts.

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Fauci, Biden, Harris, Austin, Milley, Pelosi, Newsom, De Blasio, Cuomo, Psaki, Wallensky, Gates, Daszak, Soros, Pfizer, Moderna - all that Dem/Davos galaxy really makes you sleep well at night knowing you matter so much more than their egos, power and off-shore bank accounts.

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I have lived in Vietnam for 5 years and my wife is Vietnamese. I don’t know how life was effected by lockdowns in America or other western countries, but here it is like this :

Police are on the roads 24/7 - seriously , they stopped people at 4am from ‘walking for exercise’ and fined them around $130. Any movement that is not for emergency reasons is fined at this level or higher.

The only reason people can use a bike or car to travel is for food, and only 1 person is allowed to go food shopping. Me and my wife were sent home by the police because there were 2 of use going to the food market.

In our city, and I assume it’s the same in the capital, the police are locking down districts, so that people can only travel within a 1-1.5km area. You must get a special card/permit that gives permission for travel across city districts, and as with all bureaucratic products, access to one is neither easy nor universally possible.

To travel between cities you need a certificate evidencing that within the 3 days before showing the certificate to the police you have tested negative for Covid 19.

Early on in lockdown we could get most foods, but now, basic foodstuffs are running out.

Also, early on in the lockdown if you needed something outside your district of the city you could call a motorbike courier who had a card/permit and he/she could bring you the stuff you needed, be it food, or other ‘essentials’ not sold in your neighbourhood. But now , the government stopped these couriers (even though they had the permit).

In HCMC (Saigon) the homeless have been rounded up and put in one location. I have no idea if they are being fed.

In the capital HCMC (Saigon) ALL food shopping is banned, so there is absolutely no reason for leaving one’s house. The army and other government workers are bringing rice and other foods to people’s houses.

I asked my wife if this applies to the rich residents as well as the poor and she said she didn’t know. I assume the most wealthy will have some loophole they will be using to get better food than the government ‘gives’, but maybe I am wrong.


The reality of lockdown here in Vietnam made me realise something that is so obvious I am embarrassed to admit it, but here goes : “lockdowns are an unsustainable strategy”

And if lockdowns cannot last forever, if they are a non-sustainable solution, then their utility is negligible.

I saw the UK ‘new case’ numbers rising whilst the UK was in lockdown in June and July, and the same in other countries at different times in their cycles of C19, but the meaning of this didn’t hit me until I felt it here in my own life in Vietnam.

The new cases and deaths in Vietnam are rising all the time DESPITE this ‘wartime’ style lockdown.


So, if lockdowns are unsustainable and appear to show little efficacy in reducing ‘new case’ numbers, the only rational ‘solution’ is to go the way of Sweden :

Let life continue as normal, and suffer a big spike in cases. Take the consequences of a ‘disaster’ in the short term to mitigate a prolonged disaster in perpetuity. The Swedish experience shows that after the majority of the population have gotten C19, their natural immunity plays a reasonable role in controlling the virus in the population.

Following this strategy would mean Vietnam (and other countries) would still have C19 cases in society, just as flu still exists, but the natural immunity would mean the incidence of C19 would be manageable by hospitals and other healthcare services.

In conclusion, lockdowns are not sustainable or efficacious, and therefore an irrational and illogical strategy. Moreover, the substandard painkillers they call ‘vaccines' are a proven failure, and concentration camps for the old, unvaccinated and homeless are grotesquely immoral. Therefore what other strategy than ‘natural’ herd immunity is reasonable and has any utility ?

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Re enforcement via corporate vax mandates, the whole return to office only for the vaxxed is backfiring. I just came out of a company wide HR meeting where many people openly said they are scared to return to the office as they realize just being vaccinated won’t protect them. The cat is already out of the bag on declining efficacy. What happens if ADE kicks in this fall and it’s clear the sickest are the vaxxed?

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I was part of a small informal "focus group" about how we felt about "trusting the experts." A clip of Fauci saying that disagreeing with him is attacking science is played around 1:27 minutes in...and my response to it follows. I had to restrain myself to keep from swearing. The kind of grandiose yet abusive language Fauci uses is similar to what cult leaders do to followers. You can watch the focus group video below:


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