Quick note for those of you waiting for the PANDEMIA audiobook

Yes, it will be available. I’ve finished the recording.

No, I am not sure when. Audible/ACX/Amazon is not letting me upload the files. This is not censorship, just a technical issue made more complicated by the fact that I am self-publishing the audiobook while Regnery puts out the US print and ebook editions. I have asked Audible to okay the upload - I really want the audiobook to be available on pub day - but haven’t heard back yet. As soon as it’s up I will let you know!

Meanwhile, if you prefer reading to listening…

(Amazon hardcover): https://amzn.to/3Ec7O9v

(B&N hardcover): https://bit.ly/3vAtkBw

(Apple ebook): https://apple.co/3vCCfm6