One week to PANDEMIA

One week! I can’t wait. Preorder now to be sure of getting the book next week.

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And if you are a founding member (the $300 level on Substack) and want a signed first edition by pub day, email me at by Wednesday at noon, please. If you are not a founding member and want to become one in time for a signed book, you still can - the deadline is the same.

Can I move more copies than RFK Jr. did this week with his Fauci book? The bar is high. That book has been at the top of the Amazon charts for a week. But I can try!

BTW, I’m reading RFK’s book now and though I certainly disagree with significant parts of it, the last chapter does a great job putting in context the desperation among the national security establishment and some corners of the pharma industry to upsell the risks of a pandemic for 20 years.

They kept missing, too: swine flu was a bust, H1N1 was a bust, even the original SARS was a relative bust. And then the novel coronavirus came along to prove all their dire predictions (okay, some of their dire predictions) correct.

Who would have guessed?

One week.