One month to PANDEMIA

Tick… tick… tick…

November 30, here we come!

I can’t wait for the reviews (that’s a joke, folks, even trade publications like Publishers Weekly - which have reviewed basically all my other books - seem to be ignoring it).

No matter. The only reviews that matter are yours.

Audiobook preorders should start in about two weeks. An international English paperback version will also be available, but Amazon doesn’t allow preorders for that, so I can’t put it on sale yet (a few people actually managed to get copies last week, before I realized the problem and pulled it). I’ll put that back up just before the US pub day.

Founding members get a free signed hardcover copy - the big perk of being a founding member, and by big I mean only. If you would like one, please email me your address at - even if you already did a few months ago.

I can’t promise signed copies to anyone else. I apologize for that. I will try, but I am pretty swamped.

Meantime, you can order it here, and I hope you do. The book already has enough preorders that the NY Times will have a hard time keeping it off the nonfiction bestseller list (though they surely will try) - but as it sells more and more, the media will have a harder and harder time pretending it doesn’t exist.

Let’s go Pandemia!

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