I’ve been watching you on Tucker Carlson since the contrived pandemic was launched. It’s nice to see that you are finally arriving at where many of us have been for some time now … which is that the cause of everything going on is evil in nature. The lies, the censorship, the mindless stupidity … it all has the same root. Until we all acknowledge the root and start calling it what is is, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to effect the changes necessary to stop it and turn it around. Most people are inherently good, but the psychological terror tactics being employed add os much confusion & noise that it’s difficult for people to see the truth. Individuals like yourself are the only thing that is going to stop this. It seems like you understand the stakes now.

Thanks for all you do.

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The only useful thing we can do with the Holocaust at this point is not to set it apart as some sort of uniquely awful historical anomaly, but rather to learn as many lessons as possible from it about what Man is capable of, and apply them to our own moment.

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God sent you here for a purpose Alex , and we need you and Love you.

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Could take a generation, maybe two, before they finally admit the truth. I don't have faith in our institutions, our press, or our government. My husband is a physician. He does not toe the party line. Physicians like my husband, researchers who tell the truth, are being silenced, just like you are being silenced. It's a weird weird day when I, a Jew, agree with Louis Farrakhan on vaccines.

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Mr. Berenson:

Powerfully stated! And like the French commandos you referenced, you too, “look into the camera” without fear.

But know they fear you and way more than any of us can imagine…

But truth is a powerful thing…

Thanks you!

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So much to say...but a reader below points out that we should imagine where we'd be as a country if Gillum had beaten DeSantis in the last FL gubernatorial election. Really scary to contemplate. Just to bring that home to what Alex is talking about...Hitler LOST an election in 1932. LOST. Eleven months later, Germany passed the Enabling Act and Hitler was essentially a dictator. ELEVEN months. You can lose your country in the blink of an eye. Here in the US we are not out of the woods, we are even looking to get out of the woods. We had an election in 2020 that 40% of us don't trust...shall we say... had the same level of integrity as in the past. One party is trying to perpetuate all the holes in the system rather than fix them and use a VP tie-breaking margin in the Senate to alter the country in fundamental ways that we've never contemplated. All done under the blanket of fear they've thrown over us with a shitty little flu-like virus. Fear equals their ability to operate unchecked, thus the variants, thus the never ending newfound direness (all contrary to basic virology, which tells us that viruses die out/humans adapt). Unless we aggressively confront these lies - all the time in our own lives close to home - we are headed for the same fate as totalitarian states of the past. Alex is spot on.

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First, thanks Alex for your persistence to report the truth no matter the personal cost.

My second comment will not be popular. Here goes. You are not helping the homeless by feeding them with no strings attached. You are only enabling them. The vast majority of homeless are addicts and/or mentally ill. So many cities feed and shelter them which enables them to continue their self-destructive behavior. They should be given the choice of rehab or the mental health aid needed depending on the person. Allowing them to camp out and eat for free only helps them to slowly commit suicide.

My blue state allows the homeless to camp out and supplies all their needs including looking the other way at possession of narcotics. They then beg the homeless to get sober. Surprisingly, the homeless take the handouts and ignore the social workers. Property crimes and car break-ins have soared. Overdose deaths have also soared.

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Now that we know the vaccines are not "perfect", as we were told, you would think we would hear something about natural immunity. I took an immunity test at Lab Corp 6 months after getting and beating the virus (no doctor, no hospital, no icu, no ventilator, no cost to society). A score of anything over .7 means you have an immune response to the virus. My score was 424.6, which would suggest I have a very powerful immunity to the virus. My son, who is in the military also took the immunity test. He had never tested positive. His score was .4. That tells us something about natural immunity. In addition there have been many studies that suggest immunity from getting the virus could last decades, even a lifetime. However, we continue to hear nothing about this. It seems so obvious that the way to true herd immunity, is through natural immunity. The complete silence on this would lead one to believe that herd immunity is not really a goal. Consider this: The full court press for everyone to get the vaccine (one size fits all) is pay back by the democrat party to Pharma companies that withheld the vaccines until after the election while dumping millions into the democrat campaign coffers. This relationship is very convenient for both sides. Big Pharma helps fund the democrats. The democrats in turn mandate that we take medicines. Tax payer dollars go for those medicines (Covid Vaccine). Democrats are funding their campaign with tax payer dollars. Big Pharma is getting rich.

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Thank you for standing up against the totalitarians and liars. Their hypocrisy and quest to dominate and destroy all opposition is horrifying. I can't believe this is the USA.

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Recently saw the documentary Final Account which features interviews with members of the last living generation of people who participated in the Third Reich. Their accounts of how they became members of The Hitler Youth and how easily they were indoctrinated into Nazism is scary. To this day, it is hard for some of them to see how wrong they were. Remember when there used to be bumper stickers saying "Question Authority"? The powers that be are not looking for herd immunity, they are aiming for herd conformity. Let's not be sheep.

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I've been following you for over a year, have read all your booklets, pre-ordered Pandemia, and finally joined Twitter in May after years of swearing that I never would.

I've been red-pilled for some time, but I knew something was very wrong in the world when CDC and the "public health experts" started pushing jabs for children and pregnant women several months ago...and there was no push back.

I wrote this comment in response to an article by el gato malo (bad cattitude), and I think it applies here.


Why do they blame the unvaccinated when the fully vaxxed infect the fully vaxxed?

Why do they continue to push the jabs when they've just admitted they don't work as advertised?

Why are they advocating another dose of the jab for last year's virus to protect against next year's virus?

Why do they continue to advocate for "vaccine passports" when they've just admitted the jabs don't prevent infection or transmission?

Why do they push mandates when they've just admitted the jabs don't prevent infection or transmission?

Why are they claiming that the Delta variant is more dangerous when the data from the UK clearly show it is less deadly?


As of 7/19/2021...

Unvaxxed: 121,402 cases/165 deaths/0.1359%

Unvaxxed <50: 119,063 cases/34 deaths/0.0286%

Unvaxxed 50+: 2,337 cases/131 deaths/5.606%

Fully Vaxxed: 28,773 cases/224 deaths/0.7785%

Fully Vaxxed <50: 15,346 cases/4 deaths/0.0260%

Fully Vaxxed 50+: 13,427 cases/220 deaths/1.6385%

24,952 Unlinked Infections

54,091 Partially Vaxxed Infections

28,773 Fully Vaxxed Infections

121,402 Unvaxxed Infections

There were 59 more deaths of fully vaxxed than unvaxxed.

124 more deaths of fully/partially vaxxed than unvaxxed.



Why do they claim that breakthrough infections are rare when they are not?


"Another estimates that there are 35,000 symptomatic infections per week among 162 million vaccinated Americans."



I don't know if money and grift and cya are sufficient to explain the reality we live in right now.

Is it failure or is it a plan?

Why are they doing this? 'Cause it isn't about a virus or health.

What is the end game?

How do we stop them?

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Alex: Right on the money. I was raised right after the war in Holland by a psychiatrist father whose specialty was Post-KZ-syndrom (post concentration camp syndrome), which was later generalized into PTSD. I was also raised with the stories of the city under nazi occupation and endlessly saw movies about it and the war in general. The stories of my father living in hiding, for else he would have been drafted in the German army. On and on. When I saw the shutdown of my lovely street here in the Bronx after the lockdowns, i had flashbacks. I realized gradually that most younger people have completely forgotten that experience. But, the more you realize that this is but a serious flu season, and that almost all interventions have made things infinitely worse, the more you realize that those flashbacks were fully justified. Including the extreme ways some people have responded to the idea that I should be questioning the narrative.

You are right on the money, as you have been throughout. You have made few mistakes, and you correct them when you find out, as people should be doing.

It has been painful to watch how censorship has eviscerated the media completely. Apparently fact checking is only for the opposition.

What has been interesting is seeing how this single issue has resulted in people crossing political lines, such as Jenin Younes and DemocratsForDeSantis, or a friend of mine who left the GOP) when Trump was elected, but given the repressive regime by team Biden, including the complete failure to honestly assess the information. If only we remembered how 25 deaths and 1100 cases of GBS shut down swine flu vax under Ford.... but we seem to have forgotten that too.

Thanks for your great work, your spirit, and your wonderful sense of humor.

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Aha so that's what got you popped: impfung macht frei. The fact that you got banned testifies to the strong emotional resonance of those three words. It summarizes the cruel lie of having to take a mostly-useless experimental shot in order to "regain your freedom" - only to have to take another shot after six months. And then another. And then another. They say "Impfung macht frei", but in truth, you will never, ever leave the COVID camp. By design, as far as I can tell. Did anyone involved in running this COVID camp ever mention covid-recovered natural immunity as a way out? No? Curious that. I wonder why? I'm gonna try the phrase out on facebook and see what they say. :)

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I think you are correct regarding who knew about the Holocaust, however I would add the political elites in US were aware also. Vaccines, masks, etc will not save us. It's all propaganda. We must learn from our past rather than follow the masses as stupid sheep.

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I wish I could share your optimism Alex, but it’s highly unlikely the truth will ever be known. Obviously, it will take people like you to help us get the truth; however. I would not expect those who are holding power to give it up so easily. Yes, we’ve known a lot of things for a long time: privatization of profits and socialization of losses by big banks; weapons of mass destruction by Iraq; debt fueled economics. The list goes on. Even today we still haven’t received the full accounting nor have we held the perpetrators who unleashed the greatest transfer of wealth in human history during the 2008 GFC. It’s business as usual for those institutions. I hope I’m wrong, but the prosecution of lies and false promises never get an honest accounting when it matters most—the present. Instead we wait decades after to find it buried somewhere in history textbook.

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The fact that these censorship ghouls compartmentalize their brains and refuse to see what's been happening to our most fundamental freedoms in the West, is a classical case of 'cognitive dissonance'.

They blame everything on Hitler now but there were millions with cognitive dissonance in the 1930s in Germany and abroad- heck 97% of the German physicians were Nazi party members in the 30s. They refused to see how freedom of speech eroded away in in Germany and refused to see the increasing censorship, propaganda campaigns etc. If they had opened their eyes and saw the preludes to WWII and Holocaust, perhaps those catastrophes would never have happened.

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