Finally, you are starting to get it. Almost.

The Obama administration opened up a counter-intelligence operation against candidate trump, and later President Trump on false evidence that they knew was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign.

So the alphabet agencies were actively working to undermine and destroy a sitting president through lies and subterfuge, with Obama knowing the whole time.

Gee, there's a phrase for that - Seditious Conspiracy? Treason?

And you treat it like it's water off the duck's back. And are just now starting to acknowledge how grave it is that the far left has hijacked the legal apparatus in this country and is using it to terrorize anyone who doesn't walk in lock step with them.

For the love of god Alex, you are a great journalist. Take off those Manhattan liberal tinted glasses for good and seek the truth. The actual truth. Our country is becoming a nightmare. That is not hyperbole.

Hate Trump all you want, but the people going after him are abusing power in ways that we've never seen in this country.

Thank you.

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Alex, I like to read your Substack because you somewhat represent the middle.

Regarding this discussion, you can not ignore the presumed evidence that was presented (somewhat presented behind closed doors - which is also curious and can not be ignored) of bribery yesterday, $10 million to the Bidens from Burisma...

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“given the revulsion the January 6th mess provoked in almost everyone who wasn’t a hardcore Trump supporter “

I think you are wrong about that. Not a hardcore Trump supporter or even someone who voted for him but who nevertheless sees the entrapment and imprisonment of 1/6 innocent citizens as a total violation of everything this country once stood for

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Look: under the BEST circumstances, Donald J. Trump is a horse's ass. That said, I will vote for the Republican nominee, whoever that turns out to be. (I say that b/c I cannot conceive of that behemoth buffoon Chris Christi surviving the New Hampshire primary.)

Joe Biden is a demented, decrepit, senile,, old fool. He'd be the head of a criminal family if he knew his own name. He's fallen--what? 3 times in public? How many times has he fallen down in PRIVATE? We'll never know b/c the Secret Service isn't talking.

Since there's no evidence that Biden will ditch his moronic running mate, that sets up the nation for this blithering idiot to become The First Woman President.

God help us.

Which brings us to Hunter, who is a catastrophe of a human being.


Go ahead: Indict Trump. It doesn't matter. I don't give a shit. It doesn't matter which Republican's name is on the ballot. The bigger issue is rescuing the nation from this Democrat Freak Show, this DEI Clown Car.

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Alex, I'm curious as to why you decided to avoid the recent revelations that Joe apparently received a $5m payout from businessman in the Ukraine? We now have conformed that the FBI had this information from a credible source and it looks like its been verified through bank records. Why so quite on that? Seems to be pretty important in the grand scheme of things. There are also apparently even more documents that the FBI has had on other bribes Joe has allegedly taken.

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In a total breach of prior protocol NARA refused to assist Trump with the assembly, collection, and classification of documents during the transition phase. So he and his staff were left to do the work themselves. Then after he was out of office NARA accused him of taking classified documents he should not have taken.

Leaving aside the plain fact that the Presidential Records Act is the controlling law, and leaving aside the fact that a President can declassify anything he decides to declassify, and leaving aside the fact that irrespective of anything else the PRA has no criminal penalty attached to it, it could not be more clear that the entire thing was a set up. Planned long before the election, which “they” knew he would lose.

They have no real interest in an actual prosecution and conviction. This is all about trying to tarnish him enough that he cannot win. Because they know if he does, they are all going to prison. For a long, long time.

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We are now living in a post constitutional republic. It doesn’t matter what you, or anyone thinks of his morals or personality. As a candidate, that is up to the voter. At least it was when votes meant something.

The much bigger problem, IMHO, is the absence of the rule of law, and the destruction of our voting system.

If you want to vote for someone you like and who’s morals resonate with yours, that’s you prerogative. I prefer policy & execution. However, if votes no longer matter, it’s all fiction.

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Fact: Donald Trump told the National Archives Library to come and take whatever er they wanted of the papers stored at Mar-A- Lago.

Fact: The FBI checked the paperwork storage at Mat-A-Lago ND told Trump to put on an extra lock. That''s all.

Fact: Trump as President could declassified any papers in his possession.

Fact: Joe Biden could not as VP or Senator possess any declassified material, or take any paperwork home.

Fact: The Biden family have 20 or more shell companies in their names, which is only similar to crime families.

Fact: Joe Biden is called the Big Guy in the testimony from the whistleblower's source, who also said it would take 10 years to discover the money trail of the $10 million in payments to Joe and Hunter Biden through shell companies.

Fact: Tony Bobolinski and the emails in Hunter's laptop also mention the Big Guy being Joe Biden.


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The DOJ had a huge problem: The fact pattern the DOJ wanted to press against Trump was that he was asked to return classified documents via subpoena, and that he "obstructed" by not complying. The problem was the DOJ knew that many other former government officials - including Biden and Pence - had retained classified documents when they left office. They knew that Trump’s lawyers would bring this up immediately. So here's where the DOJ constructed a crime against Trump: After the DOJ made a public spectacle of raiding Trump, they made sure to *ask Biden and Pence for any classified documents they might have*. This is the DOJ's trick: They wanted to show that Biden and Pence complied *when asked*. The problem with this tactic is that it was a naked attempt to construct a crime against Trump. The first thing Trump's lawyers should ask in court is "Why did the DOJ ask Biden for his classified documents only in 2022, just after the FBI raided Trump - when they knew about the classified documents Biden took over 40 years ago?" In fact, it's clear that Biden didn't comply: the DOJ kept finding documents at more locations and at far less secure locations, and for much more time outside the government's possession - than Trump had his documents. And the DOJ could have taken Trump’s documents at any time, if they thought it was a national security issue, without charging him - because they always knew where his documents were.

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They're turning Trump into the folk hero he claims to be.

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I see...so this is a "strong" case vs the crap-sicle Bragg dished out. I'm old enough to remember "Russia Russia Russia" and the Steele Dossier nonsense so excuse me if I don't believe anything being spewed by "The View".

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The Espionage Act of 1917 is a United States federal law enacted on June 15, 1917, shortly after the United States entered World War I. The ACLU wrote an amicus a few years ago attacking it. Don't expect them to defend the orange man. It's a shameful over-reach against free speech. Same bogus bullshit that they threw @ General Michael Flynn (see the Logan Act). My God these deranged Trump-haters will just not stop.

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Jun 9·edited Jun 9

Jack Smith is obviously a straight shooter, a man beyond reproach. Haven't you seen the pictures of him in his legal garb? Just kidding. What a joke. Obviously handpicked by the Biden Administration as someone who knows what to do. I want Trump to go away, but this is absurd on every level and I am starting to feel sorry for the guy even though he has made plenty of mistakes.

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Alex, C'mon man! Hunter Biden did not just try to sell influence to the Chinese, he DID and was paid around 5 million. He also received a giant diamond from the Chinese. His financials are coming out in his deadbeat dad case. He is trying to hide assets so he doesn't have to support, much less acknowledge his own daughter. Hunter should have gone to jail several times. The FBI has had his laptop since 2019. The evidence is there but no indictments. Top intel people called it Russian disinformation so Biden wouldn't be tainted before the 2020 election. Whistle blowers have said the FBI has been slow walking the case. How many cases have they brought against Trump in the meantime? Two impeachments with scant evidence, The Stormy Daniel's payment, and the classified documents he kept. Biden has classified documents from when he was a Senator. No big deal. Biden had documents in his unsecured garage. No big deal. Biden had documents at his foundation at UPENN with access to the Chinese. No big deal. Trump had documents in a secure room at Mar-a-Lago which is guarded by the Secret Service. Russia Gate went on for 4 years + and there was NO proof Trump was a Russian agent, yet the media kept swearing to it. Some people still think it's true. There are 2 justice systems, one for the Bidens and their friends and one for the rest of us who have no important friends.

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Did your rose colored Ray Bans crack to let a little light through? I hope you, along with many others, realize before its too late that the support us red hatted, toothless, knuckle draggers show for Trump is for the sake of our Republic. Crime after crime has been committed against this Republic by the deep state with the 4th Estate complicit. Thanks for speaking up - even if it was just a wimper.

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Ditto. You fail to mention a significantly greater crime. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-allegedly-paid-5-million-by-burisma-executive

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