There is an enormous difference between vaccination and premeditated murder. To compare the two and call it a "terrible ideological inconsistency" is abhorrent. The key point you miss here, and every other pro-choice individual is missing is that the choice regarding bodily autonomy in pregnancy is made well before conception. That choice is made when the decision to procreate is made; it's why pregnancies resulting from incest and rape are almost universally excluded from bans.

Bottom line, bodily autonomy is well and good. You do not, however, get a say when it is not your body. And quite frankly, that notion is incredibly consistent when it comes to opposition towards vaccine mandates and abortion.

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No, it is not polling as high as you think. Yes people want woman to have access when it threatens their life and that's what you see in polls but that's not what is being taken away. Abortion is still legal in those banned states where it affects the mothers health. People are tired of witnessing a satanic ritual being played out. If you think it should be used as a form of contraceptive watch a video of an abortion and what happens to the child.

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My children were not my body part.

They are Individual humans that I housed prebirth just as I house them, post birth. Only the location changed.

Killing them in either location is evil.

I’m deeply sorry for the challenges of certain women, who wish not to be pregnant. However that doesn’t justify murder.

Human rights matter for all humans

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Why is it the right who is branded as inconsistent?

It is the left who claims to be for choice but then demanded vaccine mandates. Who on the right was demanding mandated abortions?

And were the overwhelming majority of women mandated to become pregnant? Or were they engaging in choices?

Bottom line is that no medical intervention should ever be mandated. Ever.

I understand and sympathize with Alex’s political analysis in this piece but I can not process how someone can agree that abortion is murder (and we are talking about an utterly defenseless infant) but conclude that we all need to get behind it because otherwise all these other bad things will happen.

Why must the weakest among us bear the brunt of our terrible behavior?

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I am surprised you don't see taking your own life ( with a poisonous injection or by whatever means ) is completely different then taking someone else's life IE. one of your offsprings. They are their own person, top to bottom, at any stage. They are not you.

When you take someone else's life it is called murder. When you take your own life it is called suicide. We must use simple logic because the Evil left likes to confuse and obfuscate, because that is all they can do, to turn a wrong into a right.

" If they can't dazzle them with brillance they baffle with bull shit "


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A couple of things here Alex. 1) The choice to have an abortion is not the same as the choice to not get vaccinated. One who chooses to not be vaccinated makes a choice about their own body alone. One who chooses an abortion chooses for themselves and the unborn, who has no voice in the decision. 2) All murders are highly personal choices.

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If you consider abortion a private murder it should be done in private. Not in a hospital and on the payroll of the community. I think Europeans are more conscious of this. Their laws only allow it in emergencies like life of mother at stake or life threatening condition in baby. They do not know abortion here was allowed even on life ready babies

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You are (willfully?) misrepresenting the majority Republican opinion on abortion. The country had reached a equilibrium consensus position on abortion and there was not a lot of fighting going on about. Then the left started pushing for late term abortions up to the moment of birth and this was a position that no one on the right could possibly tolerate.

Just 1% of women obtain an abortion because they became pregnant through rape, and less than 0.5% do so because of incest, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Abortion is used by women primarily as BIRTH CONTROL. It is not because of medical, rape, or incest reasons.

Stated Reasons for Abortion when surveyed:

1. Having a baby would dramatically change my life: 74%

2. Can't afford a baby: 73%

3. Don't want to be a single mother: 48%

4. Have completed my childbearing: 38%

5. Victim of rape: 1%

6. Victim of incest: 0.5%


But what about birth control failure you say? There are numerous methods of birth control which have failure rates of 0.1% to 0.5%. Using abortion as birth control is never acceptable. 95% of women who had abortions surveyed were either not using birth control at all (54%) or not using birth control consistently (41%). What this means is that 95% of the women who have abortions are doing so as a means of birth control.



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No, I don't hate you - I agree with you.

I have to agree with Ann Coulter that the abortion zealots are really doing the Republican party in. In their attempt to outdo each other, they are losing big time. I'm R... but support first trimester abortion. The idiots wanting to ban it under all circumstances are, well, idiots. If I had a daughter who was the victim or rape, incest, etc... the thought of making her go through with a pregnancy is absolutely barbaric.

I do find it insane that the left is so hell bent on the issue that they are willing to throwing every other thing away in the pursuit of abortion. And wanting to let a woman have the right to kill the fetus up until birth is demonic.

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You are wrong. Again. The choice is there. Before the act. Be responsible. Protect yourself from disease. And avoid unwanted pregnancy. I would go further, don't have sex with man you don't want to have children with. Get married first. These the lessons we should be teaching our children.

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I guess that I don't understand her argument. I thought that the abortion decision was passed to the states by the federal government and that it wasn't banned by the federal government... Anyway, if abortion is the taking of human life and abortion is murder, isn't that bad??? Maybe not at 4 weeks and probably not at 12 weeks but it sure seems that at some point, abortion clearly kills a baby and it seems strange that killing a baby is legal. It seems as wrong to me as killing your wife, which appears to be accepted in other some other cultures.

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"If being vaccinated as an adult is a personal choice - and it should be - then having an abortion is too."

I'm stunned you wrote this. This is clearly a non-sequitur. As others have mentioned, there are two bodies involved. Two separate and unique sets of DNA. My body my choice is accurate. Nobody should be forced to get vaccinated against their will at the expense of their job or participation in the marketplace. Killing children is a whole other game.

We parents have an inherent duty to defend the lives of our children. In the United States we criminalize the harm of children by their parents. And the only difference about the child in the womb is location and whether or not it's wanted.

I'm unaware of any case in the United States where location and being wanted was an adequate defense in the acquittal of someone who harmed their child outside the womb and it is not an adequate defense when they do it inside.

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This is the perfect way to start the national divorce (if one wanted such a thing): those who believe it is perfectly fine to murder a human child in utero should not be living in states where abortion is banned.

Alex looks at this as if it's only a woman's right to make a decision, but it is more than that. It is making us a nation of murderers who approve abortion as birth control.

Human life is sacred.

Humanism and murder-as-convenience are savagery.

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NO STATE IS "BANNING ABORTION" as far as I know. They are running a big federalist-style experiment with varying caps on the amount of time a woman has do get an abortion. AND THE COUNTRY IS NOT in favor of abortion with no caps. So your entire post is built on a false premise.

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Legislating morality has never worked well. If abortion is a “woman’s choice”, the cost is also her responsibility. .

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I do agree that tragically much of the terrible political straights we find ourselves in revolves around protecting abortion at all cost and not innocent life. The desperate fight for the right to “privately murder” will be one of the biggest underlying causes of demise of our once great nation. Elections are swayed by the powerful forces to cling to the right. It’s so incredibly mid-evil and satanic that perhaps God gets the last word now after all and not simply in the afterlife..

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