Okay, the "founding member" thing seems to be confusing people

A couple of hundred of you have emailed about this, which suggests the problem is on my end. Sorry.

Being a “founding member” simply means you have subscribed to Unreported Truths at the founding member level - which means paying $300 the first year (unless you choose to pay even more). To be clear, founding members do not get any extra privileges - it’s not like their emails get answered first or anything.

(In fact, given the volume of email I get, I typically answer emails more or less randomly - if something comes in and I’m free, I will respond right away. Otherwise it might be days, weeks, or not at all. I apologize for this too. I do try to read every email I get, though some may slip through.)

Anyway, I promised the founding members a signed PANDEMIA first edition as their one and only perk, and I’m sticking to that.

If I have time, I will try to respond to other requests to sign, but for the foreseeable future I probably won’t. Signing and mailing one book takes minutes - but signing and mailing hundreds requires a day, and thousands might take a week or more. I would rather spend time breaking stories - I hope you agree.

Again, sorry for any confusion - hope your Halloween costume is coming together nicely. I’ll be going as the media’s most hated man. I’ll also be wearing cat ears.