Nine days to PANDEMIA

I can’t wait for all of you to have a chance to read it!

If you want to be sure of having a copy on pub day (Nov. 30) I urge you to preorder now. If orders keep flooding in, Amazon and B&N may not have enough books in their warehouses to ship orders that come late next week in time for pub day.

Audiobook now accepted and under review at Audible. I will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Order at Amazon:



If you are a founding member (meaning you have signed up at the $300 “founding member” Substack level) and would like a free signed first edition, you can still email me at and I will get you one by Nov. 30.

If you want to become a founding member, you still can upgrade your subscription. At this point, I can only send signed first editions to founding members. I apologize, but the demand has been overwhelming.

One other note: At some point soon, I will sign bookplates - which are stickers that are then attached inside the books - for a company called “Premiere Collectibles,” so if you want a copy with my signature but can’t or don’t want to be a founding member, you can order a bookplate copy from them for the standard retail price of $30. But I haven’t signed them yet - this plan just came up - so you won’t get it by Nov. 30.

Fingers crossed that we sell so many books the keepers of the best-seller lists have no choice but to put the book where it belongs.