Monica Gandhi has asked me to remove the post. Her words: "that is inaccurate."

This was my response:

I am not going to pull a post that simply quotes directly from your newsletter unless you can explain to me what I have interpreted inaccurately. Your words are clear - you recommended the whole virion vaccine as a booster (and even mentioned Omicron infection) but said nothing about the mRNA vaccines. Do you believe people should receive an mRNA booster? If so, why didn't you mention that? They're widely available. If not, why not?

If she wants to go on the record calling for an mRNA booster and explain why she didn’t do so in her newsletter - instead recommending a vaccine that is unavailable in the United States- I will happily report her words and update/correct the post. (A Q&A would be even more interesting, so she can speak to all of you directly.)

Hopefully she’ll get back to me. If she does, I’ll let you know what she says.