Long, long, long Covid

Eugyppius, a must-read Team Reality Stack, explains why the media and public health bureaucrats can’t quit Long Covid despite its obvious absurdity and along the way dismantles a study I’d been meaning to dismantle. (Eugyppius, who is an academic by day, is at his best as a theoretician of Covid - trying to explain the philosophy behind lockdowns, vaccine mandates and the rest - though lately he has gotten a little stuck on the idiocies of the German Health Minister.)

Anyway, a quick and insightful read:

eugyppius: a plague chronicle
Long Covid is a Social Construct
Mass containment is no longer in the growth phase, and those who remain committed to viral hysteria must now ponder what they’ll do next. The greater part of them, excepting a few Zero-Covid deadenders, will soon decamp to the Land of Long Covid. This has been clear for a long time now; you can see it in their tweets and in the gathering momentum of Long Covid research. Here our hystericists hope to find a source of funding and social relevance that will endure after the rest of the Corona Circus has folded up the tables and gone home…
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