Just emailed this to a reporter I know

We’ll see if I get any response.

I am not hopeful.

Why are you so reluctant to believe [NOTE: I should have said “consider”] what is increasingly obvious?

The mRNAs have turned out to be a truly bad bet. The all-cause mortality and live birth data are the most important data we have, the only figures that are not susceptible to some form of political pressure, and they are increasingly screaming red.

I am prepared to agree that the mRNAs caused a moderate decrease in Covid mortality in 2021 (even netting out the post-first-dose increase in deaths in January 2021, which was real), but everything since July 2021 has gone the wrong way. They are useless against Omicron even on a completely unrealistic dosing schedule, and the fact that all-cause mortality has not returned to normal several months following the third dose as it did following the first two suggests that their toxicity is dose-dependent, no surprise, drug toxicity is almost always dose-dependent, and the body does not clear the mRNA very quickly, if at all.

There are other explanations for the rise in deaths and decline in births in the mRNA countries, sure; there are explanations other than smoking even now for the fact that lung cancer soared in the 20th century. But at some point the simplest and most coherent explanation becomes the one that is presumptively correct. We have reached that point. We need to proceed on the basis that the vaccines have toxicity that the short-term trials did not pick up (although they did offer hints).

They should be pulled for all but the people most vulnerable to Covid (those over 75 or with severe comorbidities); really, they should be pulled for those people too, but I would rather not argue about them. And governments worldwide should begin an independent investigation into the harms they may be causing and have caused.

One last question: We are approaching two years from the widespread rollout of the mRNAs. We are awash in them; hundreds of millions of doses sit unused in freezers in the United States and Europe. Why hasn't the largest country in the world, a country that could easily buy or make billions of doses, the country from which Sars-Cov-2 emerged, offered a single mRNA dose to its citizens?