It's as if the Russians want to make their Western apologists look as stupid as possible

So the Russians are retreating from their attack on Kiev - leaving mass graves in their wake.

This does not look good for either Vladimir Putin or the American conservatives who have been been foolish enough to fawn over him.

Let’s review: back in February the Zs rolled over the border.


Yes, five weeks ago, the evil Ukrainians posed some existential threat to the good citizens of Russia.

What was the threat? I can’t exactly remember. Nazis? Biolabs? BioNazis? Or maybe the chance Ukraine would get to join the European Union in 2030 and enjoy lower tariffs on delicious French Burgundies. Something like that?

Or was it just that the Russian army needed the practice?

Help me out here.

Anyhoo, whatever it was, it was SERIOUS. THIS WAS NOT A WAR OF CHOICE, YOU SAVVY?

Except apparently it was. Because after five weeks of fighting - badly - the Russians are taking their tanks, the ones the Ukrainians haven’t blown up, and heading out. It was real, it was fun, but it wasn’t really fun, as the mean girls in high school used to say.

At a minimum, this little adventure of Vladimir’s has killed thousands of Ukrainian civilians and forced millions from their homes.

Keep in mind the West, including Uncle Joe, was perfectly prepared to let Russia have Ukraine. Europe needs Russian natural gas like Hunter Biden needs Colombian cocaine, only worse, if that’s possible. That is the ONLY strategic calculation Vladimir Putin has gotten right in this war.

No, the only folks who truly had skin in the game when the Russians rolled over the border were the Ukrainians themselves (and maybe a few well-disguised Delta and CIA operators helping the Ukrainians use our comms intercepts to reduce the life expectancy of Russian generals).

Still, things did not look good for the home team back in February.

Russia has three times Ukraine’s population and supposedly advanced military technology. The logistics should have been simple, too, since the Russians could supply themselves from their own country.

Yet the Russians couldn’t take Kiev. Not even after they started firing missiles at malls and leaving civilians dead in the street. Apparently the Russian army is not what it used to be.

Now Vlad and the boys have moved to plan B, which is likely stealing the natural gas fields in eastern Ukraine. If their army can’t even manage that much, they’ll go to plan C, annexing Donbas and calling it a day.

This is not how you fight when your national survival is at stake. This is not how you fight when you believe half the propaganda you are spitting. Or 10 percent of it. This is the military equivalent of the bully trying to steal the fourth-grader’s lunch money and learning the hard way that the fourth-grader takes taekwondo.

Don’t worry, though, new excuses from the useful idiots will be coming in three… two… one… (just check the comments section below to find out what they are!).