My son is 16 and plays an elite level of ice hockey in Canada. A few weeks back he was invited to an upcoming rookie camp for a WHL team (the WHL is one of the prime amateur leagues the NHL typically drafts players out of). Then yesterday we received an email that all players must be vaxxed with at least their first shot to attend.

The pressure at my wife's work, a major large Canadian company, is increasing on almost a weekly basis to be vaxxed.

And then last week Trudeau announces no travel on planes or trains unless you're vaccinated - and my job involves flying at least 20-30% of the time. He's turning up the heat more and more...it's clear that country-wide mandates are coming once he has his majority in about a month's time.

My family and I have been waiting for the Novavax vaccine, which now seems delayed until who knows when. I DO NOT want either mrna ones for all the reasons Alex has outlined.

But, here are: if we want to continue to make a living and live life we have no choice but to vaccinate ourselves with a substance we DO NOT know the long-term consequences of taking and clearly isn't working long-term.

To say I genuinely hate my gov't right now is an understatement. How could they FORCE me to take something I don't want - especially when there are alternatives like ivermectin that are working according to friends using it in Argentina?!?! This is beyond insane and I'd move my family immediately somewhere this isn't happening - IF that place existed. But, the insanity is everywhere.

The hopelessness is overwhelming right now.

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Anecdotally was in an employee/HR meeting where testing the unvaxxed was mentioned and someone commented that if the vaccinated can spread the virus as easily as the unvaxxed why not test everyone, and that persons comment was applauded. A lot of people are beginning to rub the sleepies out of their eyes..

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I love the smell of vaccine failure in the morning

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And the vaccine "refuseniks" (among all the HCWs yet) are equivalent to the draft protesters of the late 60's and 70's. And just like when the government was spying on the anti-war movement, DHS has recently suggested we "refuseniks" are domestic terrorists, "enemies of the state".

Everything old is new again!

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Hi Alex, not just Israel but right here in the good ol USA. San Francisco is a covidian stronghold, with super high vaxx uptake and a worse summer wave than last year. We can no say conclusively the the vaccine program as a public health measure has failed. These shots have failed.

The interesting question is … did Pfizer know this going into the roll out? Why was there so much emphasis on reaching a certain rate of injections by July? Why is there so much panic to push them by September? They have had no positive effect on the summer season, so what's the point? Obviously to get them into people's arms before the lie becomes obvious. Well, now the lie is obvious. And it will all come crashing down very rapidly. At least in this regard, Kabul is a powerful metaphor.

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I will throw my psychic/political antennae up here and say this:

Today the three voters in our household in SoCal received our Recall Warden Newsom ballots in the mail.

Two of us promptly filled out our ballots, “Yes to recall Newsom” and “Larry Elder to replace for governor”. I dropped them both at Mar Vista post office an hour ago.

I say all this because I want everyone to be aware of the fact that Larry Elder just said his first action as governor would be to “stop the lockdowns, stop the vax passports and stop mandatory jabs and stop the mask mandates in California.”

This potentially makes the California Newsom recall a referendum between Newsom and Elder on the “appropriate, Constitutional, scientific Covid response”.

September 14th could be a pivotal day in US politics and for the world. The registrar says ballots must be dropped off or post-marked by Election Day. Which means final results may not be available until September 21st.

If Newsom is dumped and Larry Elder becomes governor, THIS will be the shot heard round the world on our response to the now “endemic” Covid and its variants and the previous “pandemic”.

Covid and it’s nasty cousins are here to party among us. Wash your hands, follow the FLCCC protocol, lose weight if needed, get as healthy as you can, ditch the fucking masks and live your lives!

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The irony is this. The whole reason they are pushing vaccine mandates is precisely because so many people have looked at the *actual data* coming out about these vaccines. And when you look at the actual data, the vaccines are doing very poorly. They can cause serious side effects and they don't work as well as promised. Instead of shifting gears and focusing on treatments for covid, they are doubling down on the failed vaccines. It's maddening but also sad. Many deaths could be prevented if treatments were made available.

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Yes, the authorities are not being honest with us about vaxxed vs unvaxxed hospitalizations. The 99% has been of the biggest lies the nation has ever seen. Main reasons summed up:

1) Some stats consider newly vaxxed as unvaxed (even up to a few weeks)

2) Some stats consider single vaxxed as unvaxed

3) Some stats include old monthly data, when many weren't vaxxed.

4) Many doctors and patients are in denial that vaxxed can be hospitalized so under report it (same reason why VAERs under reports adverse effects).

5) As Alex pointed out, those in poor health may not get vaxxed for this very reason yet are more apt to be hospitalized regardless.

I'm sure soon the authorities will consider those without a third booster as "unvaxxed" and attack them!

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It will take an American public that’s tired of it. But right now, not enough people are telling “the man” to go and fuck himself. More are speaking up, but not enough. Remember this is also a time when Apple just said it will monitor you using the very phone you bought from them. We’re a country of sheeple right now. If there’s enough pressure on Apple that they walk this back, then I’ll be more hopeful. But I suspect people will run to buy new Apple phones just to support the spying…you know…for the sake of the children.

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Its almost as if the expert leadership in our country has no memory of the last 18 months. Over a year ago, I thought that the way out of this is for people to just get exposed, rather than hiding and avoiding it. Lock-downs, closing, cancellations, just postpone the inevitable. Its August 2021, and its like Ground Hog Day: push a vaccine mandate, mask mandate, vaccine passports, etc...... repeating failure. All the current administration wants is enough people jabbed so they can run campaign ads in the next election.

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The government is hiding the truth that this fairly routine virus isn't a problem for people with healthy immune systems. The old are particularly vulnerable because they have so many years of accumulated bad decisions. Other "comorbidities" are more obviously related to immune dysfunction, but that is never discussed. The conditions associated with covid prevalence are usually reversible. The medical-industrial complex hides it because it's not profitable. Same for a lot of proven therapies now aggressively forbidden. If you trust your government bureaucrats, just do what they say and maybe it will save you. Didn't work out well for more than half a million so far. Better to learn to protect yourself.

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I’ll upfront acknowledge I risk this raising outrage, and being deleted, but it comes from the heart and it comes from my basic instinct being a genuine responsible caring attentive human being in American society:

We are at a point that most people in positions of power authority and influence, in my opinion the elite in general, need to be voraciously and relentlessly marginalized and ostracized so they instinctively flee this country, or risk being terminated.

Trust is lost, the people who shriek propaganda platitudes the loudest, which basically is just “wolf!” of fear and cowering. So now, we have to decide whether we are going to continue to maintain this level of ignorant unsubstantiated trust, or just let them figuratively not literally lead us to the railroad cars and to the gas chambers.

Do you know why the Left doesn’t want schools to be teaching history, because they don’t want you to know history, and that just plays into their hands.

Sorry Mr. Berenson, people need to think about this, they can reject it, they can ostracize me if they choose, but at least they have that basic right of choice!

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I heard the biggest vaccine side effect for MSM journalists is severe amnesia.

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In both the Vietnam and Afghanistan conflicts, the U.S. found itself supporting the side motivated more by money than ideology. In doing so, it seems we've forgotten lessons learned in our own war of independence, when a group of plucky, outnumbered Americans somehow managed to defeat the better trained/equipped Hessians, many of whom surrendered rather than fight. And that's where we are today with Covid. The profit-motivated pharmaceutical companies and the political class they've bought with campaign contributions, and the media companies they fund through advertisements are on one side. Those who's ideology allows them to laugh off a lottery ticket, donut or $100 payment in exchange for a vax are on the other. It will be a long battle, but as Vietnam and Afghanistan have proven, ideology ultimately will win out over money.

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De Blasio's Key to NYC where the negative test results are no longer accepted, as they were with Cuomo's Excelsior Pass. I called a restaurant in NY to ask about this because it wasn't clear if test results would be accepted. They said, no only proof of vaccination. I was incredulous, stupid me, but the reservations person was bitter as hell saying no, you need to be vaccinated. There's an old I Love Lucy episode where Ricky Ricardo is being dumped by the Copacabana. So Lucy and Ethel and Fred impersonate all possible combinations of people, group of three, a couple, a single, calling the nightclub to make reservations, saying, of course we're coming to see Ricky Ricardo. The manager says, I'm sorry, he's no longer at the club. So all these customers Lucy et al are impersonating say, No Ricky Ricardo? Well, we won't be coming. What if everyone picked their favorite restaurant in NY and called to make reservations and on finding out it's not like the other stupid mandates, where you can at least show a test result, they won't go. A few restaurants in Staten Island are already pressing ahead with a lawsuit against NYC gov't about this. If Manhattan restaurants joined with them, in numbers, it could maybe work to overturn this. Or something. This is as bad or maybe worse than what's been imposed in France (not sure if test results are accepted there) but here, there seems to be not much reaction. It's not surprising the governors are coming on strong, now that Biden admin is showing it's weakness.

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As a lawyer, I was contacted today by a group of hospital employees who must be vaxxed by 10-1 or will be fired. They want to fight but need legal help. It's outside my area of expertise but am trying to find them representation in Iowa. Please reply with contact info if you can help me get them referred or help?

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