The reason they are so desperate to force *cough* mandate these vaxxines is that once those that took them start dropping like flies, and those that didn't take them are not dropping like flies from the same symptoms/causes/whatever, the jig will be well and truly up. Without a "control group,” they could simply claim this is "extra-extra-extra-long Covid" or the "KappaPhiMekongDelta Variant" and start jabbing people with the 17th booster shot.

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have to really wonder how they are counting the dead in the vaccinated pile. I guess in some hospitals and care homes, this is what's happening:

85 year old dies in nursing home:

scenario 1:

---Bureaucrat: Did the patient have a positive Covid test?

---Nurse: yes, but had no specific symptoms.

---Bureaucrat: He died of Covid !

scenario 2:

---Bureaucrat: Did the patient have a positive Covid test?

---Nurse: No. he was "vaccinated", didn't have a test.

---Bureaucrat: He died of old age !

We need to know if the frequency of testing for Covid is the same in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations, and whether or not they are using different cycle thresholds between the 2 groups. If there is any difference , the numbers cited by Murhty and Fauci are totally invalid.

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Perhaps one reason the vaccines are doing better in the US is because the US had a higher infection rate than Israel or the UK? Since we are vaccinating many people who already had covid and have natural immunity, which appears to be vastly superior to vaccine acquired immunity, it is skewing the efficacy of the vaccine. We should be tracking 2 sets of data for the vaccines. Efficacy of those who have only had the vaccine and efficacy of those who had both.

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Having worked in the pharma field for decades, I can tell you that a vaccine developed in 9 months, will definitely have risks. And perhaps, not enough protection. I believe this particular vaccine, while approved for use, is considered experimental. Doesn’t mean people shouldn’t get it, particularly if they are in a high risk category. But for the rest of us, it should be optional.

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I love Alex's work but at a certain point we have to stop playing along with the politics. It's like how Republicans will point out various Democrat hypocrisies and then do absolutely nothing about it. The Biden Regime's playbook is to force this truly absurd "science" down the throats of their opponents precisely because it's completely absurd. What we really need is a response to that. How to overcome that kind of power? I feel like both sides have led us to this exhausting cliff where they say we are fascist morons who don't believe in science and we say they are authoritarian monsters who lie and the answer both sides give to how to get out of this soul crushing madness is... well, there are elections in 2022. In other words, nobody is going to do anything to help get us out of this train wreck of a national crises. We are getting played for political donations by ALL SIDES. We have to quit playing along entirely. I am not voting or donating to a single Republican candidate ever again. They talk talk talk but do nothing in reality. Watching Fox News is not a solution. Donating to Lauren Bobert is not a solution. We need someone to crush this insanity now and help put this country back together now. Not in 2022. We are being tortured intentionally.

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Hi Alex, just saw your segment with Tucker.

A few things to share here;

1. The CDC VAERS vaccine death and injury reporting system has the number of deaths from the jab at 11,005. And 500,000 injuries. VAERS is an extremely poor reporting system and records only 1-10% of all jab deaths and injuries. CDC has also been caught scrubbing deaths and injuries from the system


In 1976, President Gerald Ford halted the Swine flu jab at 53 deaths!

There is a reason people do not want these jabs. It is not a traditional jab but an MRNA gene therapy jab that has ZERO to do with Corona virus

There have been previous animal studies done in ferrets with these jabs.

The ferrets initially showed a robust immune response after the jab but when exposed to another Corona virus ALL THE ANIMALS DIED from a CYTOKINE STORM reaction. The spike proteins in this jab ATTACK THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. The spike protein IS THE PATHOGEN. Please see the NIH archives titled, "Antibody immune enhancement when challenged with a wild corona virus" as it should bring up the studies.

There was another clinical trial in 35 children around the time of RSV virus 20 or 30 years ago with the same MRNA and procedure as the previous animal testing. The exact same thing happened and 2 children DIED and the rest became gravely ill. You think the jab companies don't know this? Oh but they do. This is why animal testing and other safety protocols were SKIPPED with this jab and hence rushed to market.

This is also why the jab companies are free from prosecution for the deaths and adverse reactions....as are doctors or anyone else involved in the jab. Btw, what happened to the animals and children is called antibody immune enhancement and THAT is what's happening in the jabbed.

This next winter will surely be interesting. Did things not go according to plan when folks started DYING BEFORE winter?

One of my friends has a 12 year old Son. She caved to the fearmongering even though I worked on her for MONTHS to try to stop her getting the jab. But when she decided to take her Son to get the jab, I was horrified

She just got him home from the hospital after having been diagnosed with MYOCARDITIS after 2 Pfizer jabs..He will be on 6 different meds for six months. No strenuous activity AT ALL. His risk for arrhythmia and heart attack will be LIFE LONG.

I was very angry with her and couldn't speak to her for a few days afterward. But she is now riddled with guilt and in trying to tell her story has been treated like garbage by the Rona cultists and banned from social media for sharing about her Son.

These shots are DEADLY.

And this is a crime against humanity.

These politicians and psychopaths like Fraudci know EXACTLY what the history of these jabs are.

Also look into Bill Gates the WEF and Event 201 a pandemic simulation done in Oct. 2019. Gates is a EUGENICIST. A MENACE to human kind. Fraudci is an associate of his and both are raking in BILLIONS from the jabs via patents and stocks.

Gates also funds the WHO second only to the US. He also funds THE CDC NIH AND MSM.

Gates has a history in vaccines. His polio jab paralyzed 490,000 children in India and his TDAP jab sterilized 1000's of women in Africa.

Did I also mention that 1000's of women are having menstrual issues and still births and miscarriage with this jab?

Read OpenVAERS. A very interesting read.

From start to finish all of this was PLANNED. And will continue to do so unless Americans STOP IT.

Why is this not being discussed?

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it's starting to look like the "vaccine" offers a few months of protection at best (for those at risk and nothing for those not at risk). what's happening is that when the antibodies to the spike protein fade, the protection ends. unlike a traditional vaccine, the immune system's memory B cells don't recognize the virus as a trigger antigen to make more antibodies. The body doesn't remember the spike protein on the virus the same as the spike protein alone that came from the RNA in shot.

This is not really a vaccine. It's like an antibody shot that lasts a short while and fades away.

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I read an article the other day that stated less than 25 percent of the African American population is actually vaccinated.

These corrupt politicians refuse to address the elephant in the room and continue to blame the spread of a respiratory virus on Trump supporters and half the country actually believes this.

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The reason people don't trust the vaccine, or vaccines, is because there is no transparency. If the MSM and the people involved would be honest we could each make our own risk/benefit assessment and decide, with confidence, for ourselves. I've had Covid. According to the data coming out of Israel, Covid immunity in those who have survived the disease seems to be long-term and protects against all variants.

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Fauci et al says: 99% of hospitalized are unvaccinated= vaccines work.

Fauci et al says: We need vaccinated to wear masks again = vaccines do not work

"Why are all these Americans so stubborn and won't listen to us?!"🙄

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So I heard that a whistleblower at a hospital in palm beach Florida said that they were told to stop asking vaccine status when patients are admitted to the hospital w COVID. That would be very interesting if true. Could this be why vaccinated deaths are lower than other countries? You should look into that

Thanks for all the valuable information that you report

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Getting these numbers right is exceedingly important, particularly for the more vulnerable. If the vaccine doesn't induce long term T and B cell activity, the vulnerable need to know. If protection ebbs perhaps the strategy for the vulnerable would be to seek a real infection so it would be mild and create proper T and B cell memory. The Delta variant might be a good good one to be exposed to because it generally doesn't produce as many bad outcomes as earlier variants. Seems like a real infection recovery has better protection than the jabs and doesn't require boosters. I can survive a mild flu for a few days, but my goal is to avoid the hospital and all those other hazards in the hospital.

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After that first sentence, I had the strongest impression you were going to say: "because their lips are moving." Thanks for the chapter & verse: "inflate the denominator, lie about the numerator." My trust in the corrupt US "health" authorities to look after my health approaches zero at this point. "I take vitamin D myself, but I find insufficient evidence to recommend it to you."

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I am genuinely perplexed. CDC receives a LOT of funding. And it has enough brain power (folks publish regularly on peer reviewed journals) to run basic computations like what Alex shows here. Why the silence?

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I am not going to get the jab anytime in the next 20 years. I believe a control group is necessary in order to determine what the long-term effects are of this experiment. We can't know what the long-term impact is in only 8 months - 8 years and we're getting a little closer. But if everyone is vaccinated, how can it be determined what the long-term health outcomes are? The short-term thinking in terms of the risk-benefit calculation is going to vary greatly by age and a one-sized-fits-all approach to medicine is anti-science IMO. In any event, no amount of money, beer, donuts or weed is going to convince me to get the jab. The social shaming and misplaced guilt-tripping only make me angry. Data might change my mind but at this point, it's become increasingly more difficult to trust any of it. I'll take my chances and unapologetically remain in the control group.

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This is a very interesting article, but I find it difficult to accept that the vaccines are "impressive" without considering other data. I recall a study in early in 2020 that showed a significant percentage of people were already immune. If I recall correctly, it was in the range of 20%. This study only looked for antibodies. There is to my knowledge no study for those with long term immunity, which apparently continues after antibodies fade away and would be difficult to determine. Nor have I seen an assessment of the health of the immune system of various groups, which seems to be critical for recovery beyond any co-morbidities.

While some information is now showing these experimental serums may cause some damage to the immune system of the naturally immune, we might also expect that those who are naturally immune and fully "vaccinated" contribute to the "vaccine" success. In addition, calling these experimental serums impressive does not factor adverse effects they cause, including death. We now hear 62% of the "vaccinated" have blood clots. As a former risk manager in another field, a risk/benefit assessment must consider the risks of the mitigation as well as various mitigations that can be employed. I would not call these experimental serums impressive compared to early treatments that have been suppressed.

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