SO - where is the IVERMECTIN article and your apology to those who you have slandered?? We are still waiting!!

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Posts going downhill Mr Berenson. Was a good run though…

Thank you for the opportunity to comment here. My paid subscription stopped at the end of 2021, I wish you well in your future pursuits, but, let’s be honest, you’re a leftist at heart.

Not a group I would want to associate as any ally… Again, endless abortion, criminality by defunding the police, unvetted illegal immigration, and pedophilia/transgenderism for minors.

These are ideologies and narratives that are so hideous, they need to be slapped down into unconsciousness.

Good luck folks, happy holidays…

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Dec 13, 2022·edited Dec 13, 2022

after alex somehow got ratio'd yesterday on his own substack (# of comments > # of likes), i was really curious if his next post was to promote something he knows we would all like, like this

- or -

if he was just going to dig in and find something else amazing to add to his collection alongside:

- proclaiming he will vote for Biden

- putting pedophiles in charge of twitter trust & safety is totally fine

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Down with bat proctology!

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I used to think that cleaning roadside ditches was good penance, but swabbing bat assholes (every last one on the planet) is more suitable work for all the mask/vax/lockdown pushers.

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Dec 13, 2022·edited Dec 13, 2022

I did not read, but it is not about the Virus. It is the permanent gene editing Bioweapon Injection that makes you sick and others sick with the mRNA and spike protein shedding. The individuals getting the shots are Bioweapon producing factories with rapidly produced infective variant viruses.

See Dr. David Martin who has been studying and watching this since 2012. rumble.com and bitchute.com and odysee.com Dr. David Martin is the reason we all do not have to wear face diapers in airports and planes and other modes of public transport and spaces. He is fighting Legal Battles and winning! There are only three ways out of this whole mess;

1) the Homicidal Psychopath Evils cease to exist 2) Legally throw out all the lies and their crap laws and mandates 3) We ALL Do Not Comply.

We ALL need to work hard to do our part.



( if you don't want to read this important article on this site, find it on another )

https://welovetrump.com/2022/12/10/dr-peter-mccullough-darpa-came-up-with-mrna-vaccines-in-2012-not-pfizer-or-moderna/ ( please do not get triggered by the website, that is besides the point )

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Justice Ginsberg made it clear that Abortion was NEVER about woman’s rights, it was all about reducing the population of minorities that Gates’ father championed Planned Parenthood and stuck his clinics in minority areas. In the same way, the Plandemic was never about public health but about furthering the GreatReset agenda which ultimately aims to do away with representative DEMOCRACY as "obsolete". We've done a great job proving to elites that we are indeed, for the most part, sheeple who are too dumb to think for ourselves or to figure out what's best for us. Despite the tactical retreat, "those that matter" are still full steam ahead towards a global, social-credit score and government digital currency controlled where "you'll own nothing and be happy about it" because they'll own everything, and you'll be too medicated and too "bio-enhanced" to know or care anymore.

These same people want to "fix you" with an mRNA " vaccine" while promoting population reduction. Are we stupid?


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No isolated virus found. A genomic image only. COVID*19 is entirely fraud. Seasonal flu. DOD wanted to inject. Gates wanted injections. WEF wants depopulation.

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By the way, it should be very clearly said that Anthony Fauci went from being a pathetic clueless, but disruptive narcissist to a flagrant inappropriate very destructive sociopath. When this selfish shameless soulless shitbag smiles, it shows how completely uncaring he is, as he talks about death decay and destruction.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear of his death, whether it comes naturally or prematurely, either way, one less disgusting heinous “human” to share the planet with.

Sorry, it is what it is to me.

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There is nothing "accidental" about any of the events of the last three years, nor the three that are coming. Stop protecting criminals, when the big truth wave comes you'll want to be on the right shore.

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Holy shit, Alex agrees with someone! 😂

Keep up the good work my friend, the world needs courageous people like you.

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I tend to think that Henderson was genuine and also so successful that his acolytes used the knowledge he imparted for nefarious purposes. In other words, our friends in the medical/scientific wing of the CIA took control and were living their dream in real time.

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Unfollowing. Fearmongering about the Soviet’s wanting a doomsday weapon as a justification for pandemic lockdown insanity is just that, fearmongering. If any government is willing to nuke the world in retaliation for losing power, the US has proven itself to be such, time and again. Your sensationalist, xenophobic claptrap is as dull as it is nauseating.

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Dec 14, 2022·edited Dec 14, 2022

Throughout the scamdemic, I have been and continue to be amazed by the number of people that are more than willing to oblige mask use, vax injection, and lockdown. Covid is a minor threat to the vast majority of society and this death number that is continually kicked around is mostly people that died of old age that just happened to have tested positive before they died. Notice that the overall death rate in the US in 2020 was roughly what it was in the previous years? I think the overall 2020 death count was up 0.12% (roughly) to the years prior to covid. In a country of 330M people, that's insignificant and many of those deaths might be people that didn't go to the hospital because they were afraid of covid or people that died of overdose or suicide as deaths of desperation skyrocketed in 2020 and beyond. Even now, doctors and hospitals still insist on the mask and the silly covid testing to a disease that today is about as deadly as the flu. Does anyone in charge ask what the current odds of dying of covid are? As in, TODAY, what are the odds of catching covid and dying? Far smaller than even 2020/21 and I'm willing to bet about the odds of catching and dying of the common flu. But no, the CDC, our universities, our medical centers, and all the people that are supposed to be looking at the science are playing politics.

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I took care of a 17 year old stroke patient last week.

And we intubated a 17 year old myocarditis patient the other day.

What do you think they had in common?

No one will ever pay for their crimes.

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Every Democrat is an enemy of the American people.

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Excellent piece but doesn’t take the next steps of splaining the subsequent weird psyop e.g the crazy Zombieland/walking dead hazmat videos (that facilitated western lockdowns and repression of civil liberties) which were not explicitly rejected/called out by Western governments.

Or was this all a case of “not letting a good crisis go to waste”, by Gates as well as the Chinese? 

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I thought you and the stud Musk were mates?!

I am sure you have a second but private bird account ....

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Agreed, this is a great one by Eugyppius. Nice additions by Berenson

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As I said on his article, now that Mr 'Lockdown and covid origin suppressor' Farrar has been made chief scientist at the WHO, it won't be long until the same playbook is brought out again.

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Think he needs to read the article from BIOSECURITY AND BIOTERRORISM: BIODEFENSE STRATEGY, PRACTICE, AND SCIENCE Volume 4, Number 4, 2006. He was sensing the push towards these very NPIs, and perhaps saw the light.

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The lockdowns and masks and vaccines don't seem to fit with the Kamala Harris Big Leak. She said essentially, "with fewer people we have cleaner air and cleaner water". Saving lives with vaccines just doesn't fit (Unless-see later discussion). The Big Leak by Harris is the platform of extreme environmentalists. Essentially this platform, in my opinion, can be described by an equation:

Better environment=fewer people on earth=pro abortion+non prescription birth control meds+defund the police+state promoted/aided suicides+uninhibited drug use+co-habitate covid patients with old people in care facilities+child sexmutilation so females can never have children+promote widespread use of marijuana so the users don't care about much of anything and gateway to harder drugs and eventually die before their time. As you can see the plan is extensive and much of it hides behind the Green New Deal.

The only fit is if the vaccines (At least some of the batches-See Germany study of the Denmark Data) are intentionally designed to kill people or cause severe health issues leading to early death which is evidenced by the excess death count (More than normal) in many highly vaxxed nations. "Saving the Earth"has many nefarious strings attached. The Pandemic aka Panicdemic has its roots in extreme environmentalism. Its harmful responses were all orchestrated by one group...Democrats who are the masters (puppet masters) of extreme environmentalism.

This is my assessment of the world response to a not to fatal virus that probably was constructed in a lab in Wuhan China. This to me is the story behind the story.

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No posts since this one that have allowed non-subscribers to comment, so all I can say is, make sure you announce all of your posts are subscriber only, so people like me know we’re done.

It’s December 27, two weeks since the last post open to the public, I guess that’s what you are going for.

Good luck in future endeavors Mr. Berenson. Covid is gone, but you need it to continue on,… wise people like me, are on to all of you Covid shriekers, the depraved soulless left and the cowardly whoring right…

Be safe all.

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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022


Cruel Obnoxious Vindictive Insulting Demons, masked as humans in positions of power authority and influence.

You know, the scum who rule you?…

I had to put this in here, hopefully the holidays will distract me from coming back here further…

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Fine, a moment of hypocrisy on my part, but it’s worth having one more comment just to educate you folks how despicable the left is:


Abortion, pedophilia, child abuse, yeah, it is sociopathic narcissism beyond any limits.., These people will never relent, good luck negotiating and bargaining with that.

Happy holidays, really?…

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Canada/UK data - Covid fatality age was 87Y, and 85% of the fatalities were obese. This is a crazy VENN diagram, even VP Harris would understand (Please check out latest BabylonBee Harris Speach Writer vid).

Who cares about Ivermectin, Hydrocloquin, and MRNA. It's meanignless when you are this obese!

Loose weight!!!

Average American Male is 5'8", 200LBS!

Average Chinese Male is 5'7", 165lbs,

Average Swedish Male is 5'11", 180lbs

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I'm sure everyone had a noble reason to develop this shit. Even the CIA operative that went in and got the samples used to infect everyone, all 12 Monkeys style, had a noble mission depending on who you ask.

Look around, if you can't see the big picture by now, you never will. I don't need a script to know when I'm watching a movie. None of this has been a series of unfortunate random events.

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Stop carrying water for Yoel Roth

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Two key facts. The CCP’s main goal is complete and total World Domination. One of their tools is decimating the enemy (which is most of the world) with Biological Weapons including Coronaviruses. No accident here.

Second fact: Biden, his Czars, Democrats, some Republicans, Public Health, Big Pharma, et al want to give 100% of the U.S. population these experimental and dangerous mRNA gene-cell therapies. They want complete medical control over each one of us. No accident here.

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Lotta folks suddenly pushing an article that serves to whitewash responsibility and obfuscate truths that are otherwise well-documented. That's reeks of a controlled opposition move.

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AB's view on Musk going after Yoel Roth...classic Stockholm Syndrome.

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Re: original antigenic sin. It was a very good description.

I'm in my 80's. I got the 1957 Asian Flu while in college. High fever, cough, but better in less than a week. A friends father gave me my first flu vaccine in 1960. Very effective & lessened my susceptibility to colds also.

Thereafter,I always got flu shots. Only occasionally got a flu over the years so I'd judge those vaccines as mostly effective.

With aging I am laid low with colds very easily & these immediately go to bronchitis/cytokine storm. Lowered or less effective immune system.

What made the flu shots effective in the intervening years if the theory of original antigenic sin is correct?

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 Why pretend viruses were released from labs when there is zero proof? Because the GOP want you to focus on a new Cold War instead of on mass immigration. Oh, but "this guy with a title says it's worth looking into!" Same tactic as the Left used for "Russia hacked the 2016 election". And plenty of half truths and outright lies, just like the Left.

1. SARS-CoV-2, called "covid", comes from Wuhan's wet markets, same as SARS and other diseases before it. 27 of the 41 first patients had been to the market, the others were their friends and relatives. Covid traces were found in the remains at the market.


2. Donald McNeil was wedded to the lab theory, but has had to admit that corona samples from the Wuhan market in January 2020 were not from "coughing humans" as some pretended, but from the animal blood, just like SARS. In fully SIX PERCENT of samples.


3. "Aha! But there's a virus lab next to the wet market!"

It is THIRTEEN MILES away and across a river. But the distance has been lied about repeatedly.

Wuhan is a city of 10 million, the size of Portugal or Sweden. Yes, they will have plenty of different institutes.

4. Back in 2005 CNN said what they'd never say now: SARS (CoV-1) "was not an isolated outbreak".

"South China has long been the epicenter of pandemic flus," 3-4 outbreaks per century.

U Penn, Brooking's Institute, CDC etc agreed.


5. Kathy Zhu claimed a lab studying viruses "opened months before the outbreak". No, it was years earlier. Cucker Carlson even claimed the wet markets don't sell mammals. The lab claim is made up of a steady stream of false stories like this, like the Russia conspiracy theory.

6. Cucker Carlson quoted "Chinese scientists" for his lab theory. (Blaming the Wuhan people is racist.) "There are no bats near the markets". No, neither were there when SARS was spread. The bats were eaten by an intermediary animal, likely the pangolin.


And of course, the animals are brought to the Wuhan market, they don't have to go there on their own.

7. Carlson says a lab scientist was "splashed with bat blood". What he fails to mention is that it was in 2017 - in a cave, not in the lab. It is a lie by omission. This "splashed with blood" was a major component of people running with this. When Americans were isolated for so long and were just dying to find targets for their anger.

8. Oddly, Steve Bannon, Carlson, etc, never quote Dr. Shi Zhengli, China's top expert on bat-borne viruses. She discovered that SARS came from bats via another animal. She blames the "uncivilized living habits" in Wuhan's wet market.

9. Matthew Tye, a popular U.S. travel blogger in China, took the "scientist splashed with bat blood in a lab" (false, in a cave in 2017), and turned it into SEVERAL scientists. Gotta blame the party, not the people! His video got 2.3 million views and was praised by National Review. This was a big part of starting the claim. Same way the Left had viral videos about Russia hacking, but when the correction comes, no one wants to hear about it.

10. I hate quoting The Daily Beast, but the Pentagon May 2020 report speculating about a lab origin is extremely weak. The "Calamitous event" claim rests on missing data from seven cellphones. Those devices showed the same in the spring 2019.


11. The Pentagon contractor report also claimed a November 2019 conference was cancelled due to some form of crisis. There are in fact selfies from the event.

"But roadblocks!" Yes, satellite images show what seems to be road construction. And people move around the lab as usual.

12. Based on the above speculation, Pompeo claimed there was "enormous evidence" that corona came from a lab. Still waiting for that enormous evidence, along with support for Pompeo's "Saddam backed al-Qaeda" and "Iran plans to make nukes". It's all typical neocon propaganda.

13. Despite all this some HAVE to believe corona was "made in a lab", to frame the Chinese "communist" (more right-wing than U.S.) party. It's racist to suggest it was the Wuhan wet market. The government tried to restrict the market, but the Wuhan PEOPLE refused.


14. "But even the NYT and WaPo have written about this!" The reason the NYT and WaPo started entertaining the lab theory is that they could attack Trump with it. Of course. Because Trump lifted the ban on "gain of function" financing, leading to Fauci's funding of the renowned virus-research institute in Wuhan. (Funny how that part is never mentioned on the Right.)


15. Apparently, $600,000 is all it takes to start a global pandemic, right? That's how much the NIAID gave to the Gain of Function research in Wuhan, back when we could still have this kind of cooperation without heads exploding.

Left: "TRUMP lifted the funding ban!"

Right: "FAUCI was the head of the NIAID!"


16. The "Spanish flu" spread to the West via Chinese laborers. Was that also "made in a lab"?

17. Nicolas Wade claimed the proof of the lab claim was "insurmountably large." Wow. INSURMOUNTABLY. Glad Carlson interviewed this guy.

Nicolas Wade had never even heard of the fact that Sars-CoV-2 traces were found in the Wuhan wet market.


18. The other Very Important claim comes via Carlson from David Asher at the Hudson Institute. His proof was: "based on high end information collected by our intelligence community," which he didn't disclose. Well, a guy at CIA says it, so it must be true. And look, he has an impressive-sounding title, we need no more.


19. Nicolas Wade's claim was that corona is ONLY "human-to-human" and therefore could not come from the mixing of wild animals.

Again, he had to be told it was in traces from the Wuhan wet market.

Wade's reply: "I don’t know what interpretation can be put on it." That you were wrong?

20. SARS broke out in 2003. The Chinese government tried to end the wildlife market - and the SAME year, the market came back. Selling civet cats and other exotics, mixing their blood and bacteria, causing a second SARS wave. WHO was concerned, saying the same thing would happen again in the future, but saying that is "racist" today.

21. In Jan 2004, SARS reappeared in China. Because of the reopened wet markets, mixing wild animals brought in from far and wide. The LA Times in July 2004 wondered if the markets would bring on another epidemic. Reuters wondered the same in 2007. So did some Chinese officials.

22. In 2013, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post warned that a new zoonotic epidemic was likely. Zoonotic, from wild animals. A survey by a Beijing research group showed that 83.3% of people in Guangzhou ate exotic animals.


"Iraq has nuclear weapons"

"Iran will make nuclear weapons"

"Russia hacked the election"

"China made corona in a lab"

Zero proof for all four. Maybe U.S. politicians and media should stop making up claims about other countries for domestic political purposes.

Or, hey, maybe American conspiracy theorists have discovered something no one else in the world has found out! This sure is a step up from the poisonous fluoride claim.

But I'm still more fond of the "COVID doesn't exist, governments are just using it for population control" version à la Infowars. Because clearly governments all over the world would conspire about something like this, and all scientists would play along, like my friend who is a doctor in microbiology. Though I'm rather more inclined to listen to his reply: "You can't reason with that kind of people, and they'll always come up with something new." I'm guessing the overlap between the "China created the virus and the world is covering it up" group and the "The world is only 6,000 years old because the Bible says so" group is about 99%.

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“ Outbreak” and “Contagion” miss the mark; required viewing is 1979’s “The Hamburg Syndrome” to understand what happened with COVID.

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