Good news and bad news on the Stack

The good news is that signups and subscriptions are suddenly accelerating. Not sure why. Not sure if it was Twitter bouncing Malone or my throw-down to the vaccine companies or the booster/Omicron madness just opening people’s eyes, but the train is rumbling. We’ll see how long it lasts. Btw: if you want to give someone a gift subscription (those are getting more popular), you can do so here:

The bad news is that I have heard from a bunch of you that Google is now sending my emails straight to spam. Not even promotions, spam. Just know that I usually email at least twice a day, often more (a bit less this week as I’m on what passes for vacation). So if you don’t see something from me for 48 hours, check your spam filter!

Hoping 2022 is the year the fever breaks