They had to stifle every single "good" question that Team Reality was asking because they were unable to answer those questions -- many of which still remain to this day:

Why is the cycle threshold on the test so high?

Why aren’t we testing for antibodies?

Why are we wearing masks until we sit down to eat?

Why are we treating everybody as if they have the same risk profile?

Why are we counting people up to 6 weeks after their first shot “unvaccinated”?

Why mandate the shot if it doesn’t stop transmission?

Why are we trusting the companies that have a huge incentive to lie?

Why are we not keeping track of WHICH vaccine people got?

Why are we ignoring (or actively attacking!) VAERS?

Most of all, why are the ‘experts’ continuing to push for controls that haven’t worked THE ENTIRE TIME?

"Shut up and get your booster", they explained.

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“And will CNBC continue to let Gottlieb use it to mislead the public?”

Spoiler: Yes.

No reform will ever come from within, these people have no shame. But bless you and thank you for exposing them!

It’s awful out there - but don’t lose hope. More here:


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Let me add:


The ads are there...including on Fox News and on YouTube. And some are targeting the shot for kids.

(In an effort to reclaim the English language, I've made a New Year's resolution to no longer call these inoculations a "vaccine," no matter how the dictionaries have been corrupted & captured.)

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Gottlieb is a criminal and needs to be brought to justice for subverting the US Constitution to line his pockets. The embodiment of the modern American grifter.

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It seems Pfizer had problems with the offending posts because they were TRUE.

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Finally, the day Gottlieb was put on notice for crimes against humanity. Go get em' all Alex. I am sure you are swimming in information and thank you for getting this out there.

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Well done—this is what Berenson does best: reporting on facts with evidence in hand. This is why I am a paying subscriber to your substack. Looking forward to additional information/articles on what you find.

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18 USC 241 makes it a crime for any person (including a corporation) to conspire to violate someone's constitutional rights.

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The most striking thing to me is the obvious in-your-face corruption and conflict of interest that happens with our Federal Government as just routine.

How the F does a former FDA director get basically a "no-show" board member job at a pharmaceutical company ? Then, has the temerity to use his connections to silence debate to pimp his company's drugs ?

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THE REAL STORY: The DOD (proven by Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova, on Substack) is using a BIOWEAPON (a “countermeasure”) to kill you. There was never a pandemic. It’s all theatre, brought to you by the Department of Defense. Only the HHS has the power to stop this, but they’re doing it.

Have a nice day!

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“Please see this report from the former FDA commissioner,” O’Boyle wrote - failing to mention that Gottlieb was a Pfizer board member with a financial interest in pushing mRNA shots.


That was CNBC's intro, too. No mention at all of the financial conflicts this odious jackass had.

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I give an appearance on CNBC as much weight as Adam Schiff appearing on "The View," but Gottlieb's quintuple dipping (only five? I lost count...) needed to be front and center in any "interview."

I'm just gobsmacked over and over again by "our betters" attempting - and often succeeding - in violating our Constitutional rights because that speech might affect them in the polls, or in the pocketbook.

It's going to take a full airing of all of Twitter's internal comms before we really get to the bottom of all this. Currently, each Twitter Files release is a result analogous to having to look at the night sky through a straw and try to count the stars.

Add to this the (one can pray) successful investigations by the 118th Congress on how our government has been screwing us 8 ways to Sunday since God knows when and maybe, just maybe, we can rest a tiny bit easier at night.

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**At the risk of nitpicking, the John le Carre novel is "The Constant Gardener," not "The Constant Gardner."**

Referring to Gottlieb's tweet: "Respectful debate and dialogue is one thing, and should be encouraged and protected. But there's no place for targeted harassment, and misleading dialogue which can instigate a small but persuadable group of people to make targeted and dangerous threats."

Where was he and Pfizer when lunatics demanded that the unvaccinated be fired from their jobs, ostracized from society, and even physically attacked, all on the pretext that they represented some sort of threat to everyone else? Even if these concerns had some basis in truth, the incitement of violence against the "unvaxxed" was overt and widespread.

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The employer who fired me in September of 2021 refused to acknowledge my natural immunity, declined my religious exemption, and did so with a doctor telling them exactly that; my natural immunity was durable and sufficient.

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Isn’t this falsification of information regarding the superiority of natural infection grounds to lose legal protections against harms? Plenty of covid recovered unnecessarily got injected and got really sick as a result. Many with adverse events!

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I swear at times I feel as though someone has suddenly awakened me from a 2.5 + year coma. Can we please learn something we are not redundantly aware of already? It's Jan 9th 2023 and STILL we talk about what is KNOWN with not ONE person who orchestrated ALL of it remotely held accountable. Not ONE person in the entire world in over 3 years. It's not like we do not know who the offenders are either and yet most all of them are still in position with most all of them having received generous "we the people" funded pay raises for doing what was intentionally done with humanity and STILL continues unabated. Just sayin...again! What rational mind believes anything changes with the very same criminals at the helm?

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