From Politico’s article on the hearing:

Presented without comment:


Btw, and this is not in the Politico article: at one point Twitter’s lead counsel said I had said the “vaccine is a lie.” I had to grit my teeth not to jump out of my seat. As you all know, I never said that - not on Twitter, not on Tucker, not anywhere. Did I say mRNA shots didn’t work nearly as well or for long as public health authorities claimed? Yep. Or that they could have severe side effects including myocarditis? Uh-huh. (Does ANYONE disagree with those statements now?) Or that for younger people, their risks outweighed their benefits? Sure.

Did I say they were “a lie”? Of course not.If you’ve read me for even a few weeks, you know I’d never say that. What would it even mean? The vaccines are a potent biological product with risks and benefits. They are as real as nuclear fission. They are the furthest thing from a lie.

And I wonder - did Kathleen Hartnett know she was deceiving the court when she made that statement? Or did she genuinely believe I’d said that? Is that the caricature of me she has?

And which would be worse?