Yes, I saw the mistake in the first paragraph! Fixed.

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I've written this before, but it bears repeating. It's not garden-variety, random dis/mis-information that's being censored. It's anything that goes against the government narrative, whether the government narrative is true or not, that is being censored.

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“A free society is anti-fragile with respect to speech. It doesn’t need to censor. False beliefs are self-correcting as the insightful outcompete the confused. Censorship and coercion are authoritarian partners. If censorship is required, it is to prevent freedom, not protect it.” -- Bret Weinstein


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Fascists, socialists, communists and other authoritarians want power. It’s as simple as that. Shut down debate to ensure it.

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Hey Alex - quick reminder that prior to three years ago, Yoel is most likely someone you would have thought was on "your team" politically speaking. How does it feel knowing that the leftists that you used to rub elbows with in New York and California ended up being some of the worst tyrants in modern history? Do you have any regrets for supporting them in the past?

Would you admit that they are worse than the Orange Man yet? The guy who bloviated a lot, but never actually took overt action to muzzle, or worse, imprison anyone without real due process? Or do you still have some more self reflection to go through?

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Without censorship and intimidation, there is no modern democrat party.

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Sep 18·edited Sep 18

We need to take this country back so that WE are the refs!

That's the topline and the take home imo.

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From Roth's Op Ed:

"Universities are cutting back on efforts to quantify abusive and misleading information spreading online."

Corrected version:

Universities are cutting back on efforts to quantify information the regime in power disagrees with or doesn't like from spreading online.

This is a huge win for free speech!

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Thanks so much Yoel for providing more ammunition in Berenson vs Biden. Keep feeding us more and more key censorship data.

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'Yes, in the end, Yoel’s motto seems to come down to: Censorship for thee, but not for me.'


Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry.

Pelossi at the hairdressers.

AOC maskless in a very expensive gown at the gala.

Kerry flying around on private jets.

Al Gore, Mr Climate Change, building a 35,000 SF house.

BLM avowed Marxists buying multiple homes for themselves in white neighborhoods.

Biden is all about taxing the rich except when his son doesn't pay millions in taxes - and all about taking away guns except when his kid lies about his drug habit and buys a gun, then leaves the gun near a school yard - and all about putting DT in jail for stuff the Biden Crime Family are way over the top doing but being protected by the alphabet agencies and media.

Oh. And Alex Berenson censored by the White House for quoting from the CDC website. Seriously?

I could go on as there is an abundant supply of 'for me but not for thee' examples to chose from.....

Again I say ENOUGH!!!

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Alex, any chance of an update of the effects of the 5th Circuit decision on your lawsuit? Seems like they affirmed a lot of things that are foundational for your suit, which I'd assume must be a good thing. On the other hand, is there a risk of some amount of "this has been dealt with, yours is no longer an issue" happening here? Any thoughts you can share would be of great interest to me, and I suspect, to many others as well. Thanks, and keep up the good fight!

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and Boom!

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I fear it is becoming harder and harder to persuade anyone to be concerned about censorship per se.

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He's correct. It's not machine learning or algorithms. It's humans.

It took some work, but a human was able to turn off the HAL 9000.

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F him

They got f ing paid.


By the Biden administration.

So again F HIM

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Not a very bright move on his part but, hey Yoel, thanks for the gimme!

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