Everybody calm down about stolen elections

I am reading a lot today about Bergen County and how it was 100 percent counted last night and suddenly 20,000 votes mysteriously popped up for Phil Murphy.

This is NOT TRUE.

The votes were mail-ins, and Bergen County had counted them hours before they were added to the overall numbers. I saw them sitting there. Why the AP didn’t add them earlier I don’t know, but they didn’t appear out of nowhere. The same thing happened in Sussex County, in reverse.

An unexpectedly close election is not a sign of cheating - it is the opposite. All you Trumpsters who said Virginia was going to be stolen from you were wrong, and whatever happens in New Jersey is going to be very closely watched. There will be a recount.

However, we should all take one big lesson here - if you are a Republican (or a Democrat) - you cannot trust the polls, especially in blue states dominated by woke media outlets. Republicans just aren’t answering their phones - or telling pollsters what they really think. So don’t assume the election is decided. Get out there and vote.

And then know that your vote will be counted and stop whining about fraud. It’s extremely off putting to those of us in the middle. It makes you sound like a loser, and losers don’t win.