Even the Pandemic’s Wrongest Magazine has has had enough

Can’t make it up. After two years of constant hysteria, The Atlantic wants out.

Remember: the United States had its third-highest monthly Covid death total ever in January 2022. No one even argues anymore whether vaccines can stop infection or transmission. Sars-Cov-2 remains exactly as real a public crisis as it ever was.

So what exactly has changed?

What exactly has changed: reality has jammed its fist down the throat of the bluechecks for nigh on two years now.

As Yascha acknowledges, he wrote a piece in March 2020 called “Cancel Everything.”

Sure. He’s what he doesn’t say. He was last seen in October - October 2021, NOT October 2020 - telling us all that we just needed to follow Germany’s example.

How’d that work out for you, Yascha?

About this well:

Now - two years of telling us all they could save us if we would just do exactly as they said - the Yascha Mounks of the world have decided to turn the page. (Which so many of us did more than a year ago, despite their best efforts to stop us.)

Easier than admitting they were wrong all along, I guess.