Eugyppius likes PANDEMIA. A lot.

Which matters to me.

Like me, PANDEMIA has been excommunicated. You will not see a word about it in the New York Times or anywhere else. Even when these outlets slash at me about coronavirus, they simply refuse to acknowledge I have written a best-selling book about it. So reviews like Eugyppius’s matter even more than they otherwise would.

“If you had to give one book on the pandemic to an English-reading normie, in the hopes of convincing him that masks, lockdowns and vaccines are not the way, Pandemia would be it.”

I thank him for not allowing our differences of opinion on the Russian war to stop him from this very positive review. He is an intellectual heavyweight, and he has done more than anyone else to contextualize the failures of the pandemic response - to explain, in a non-conspiratorial way, how these decisions are made and why they are so difficult to reverse.

We don’t have to agree on everything. We DO have to be able to speak to each other, openly and without censorship.

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Alex Berenson's Pandemia: A Review
Alex Berenson, Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives (Regnery: Washington D.C., 2021). 464 pp. ISBN 978-1-68451-248-5. $29.99. For the first months of the pandemic, I was a Corona hysteric. I had the virus very early; for four days I was extremely sick, and as I recovered and Europe began to lock down, I read the…
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