Covid has caused a new psychiatric disorder, and it's not what you think; please help me name it

We need a word for this new illness, which exclusively affects members of Team Reality:

It is a low- to medium-grade anxiety disorder caused by the realization that the bureaucrats and politicians who are nominally in charge do not really know what they’re doing, cannot read or understand data, and will not course correct in response to new information.

It is not a conspiratorial or paranoid, it’s not exactly being red-pilled, but rather a grinding disillusionment and realization that the people in charge (including the people writing about the people in charge) are, if not quite idiots, not nearly as smart as they think they are and everyone is going to have to fight like mad to keep things from getting worse.

(This has been going on a while)

I’m not really joking. We need a name for this.