Can’t make it up: Moderna is pulling out of a major biotech industry conference in January because it’s afraid of Covid

Yes, a company that has sold upwards of $15 billion in mRNA Covid vaccines this year won’t participate in a conference in San Francisco next month.

Apparently too many people will be going, or some such.

Now that’s confidence in your product!

Per Stat, a Website that covers the healthcare industry: Moderna “has pulled out over the health risks of sending employees to the crowded hallways of J.P. Morgan’s cramped venue, the Westin St. Francis Hotel.”

Back in the days before Stat was an actual investigative news organization instead of a propaganda arm for Pfizer and Moderna, this news might have prompted some questions. No longer. Now Stat writes articles like the one this morning headlined “Will we always need Covid-19 boosters?” discussing “bullish [emphasis added] talk from manufacturers about a need for even more vaccine shots.”

Yes, by this logic, failing vaccines equals more vaccines. Which means more money for the companies that make them. And that’s bullish. For Pfizer, if not for the people getting jabbed.