Cannabis causes psychosis. Psychosis causes violence. Tell Your Children.

A terrible case of cannabis psychosis in Britain leaves a young woman dead:


From the article:

“She was just trying to care for him in this state of being disordered through cannabis.

“At the start of the recording you will hear her laughing and the defendant accusing her of laughing at him.”

Notman, the jury heard, became aggressive nine minutes into the recording, around a minute before Miss Bloomer was heard saying “Please help me” to his aunt in a call on a second phone…

“The audio recorded Lauren’s screams and it recorded her calls for help.”

Notman was then heard saying “I am going to make sure” before the sound of a revving engine was heard.

A thud was then recorded by the victim’s phone as Notman’s Ford Kuga was being driven over her.

I don’t want to make this about me and the media. These cases are horrible and deserve our respect and focus. But understand: I saw the media’s unwillingness to grapple with the hard facts around cannabis and mental illness both before and after Tell Your Children was published.

The stakes are even higher for Covid and now the vaccines, but the groupthink and efforts to demonize anyone who presents unpleasant facts are no different.

Unfortunately for the bluecheck ideologues - and for all of us - all the propaganda in the world can’t change human biology. And Lauren Bloomer paid the highest possible price.