Bye bye Disinformation Governance Board

Dis information is true!

The Biden Administration appears to be giving up on its newest pathetic yet Orwellian effort to suppress free speech.

Taylor Lorenz, the world’s least self-aware journalist (heavy competition for that title), has dried her eyes long enough to report that the White House has “paused” the Disinformation Governance Board, sparing us all from having to sue it as a per se First Amendment violation (assuming we could ever figure out what it did).

You can expect the “pause” to end on the 12th of never, since Lorenz also reported that Nina Jankowicz, the board’s head, resigned Wednesday morning.

Lorenz loves censorship and censoriousness almost as much as she hates telling people how old she really is, so it’s pretty clear that the feds gave her the scoop in an effort to get in front of the Biden Adminstration’s embarrassment du jour (I know, the day isn’t over yet).

Not the irony in the headline. The Post sure won’t!