Well, I’m a physician, and even though I don’t take care of infectious disease issues, I know enough from medical school and my time in internship/ residency to know that this virus didn’t follow true biological standards, which strongly suggested it was Weaponized, and then the treatment process has been absolutely vile and despicable!

Do you know what folks, I don’t care who is offended or outraged, we need a full scale riot, we need to drag disruptive uncaring cruel people out of their offices and put them in stockades and shame and humiliate them to a point that they flee this country.

People, in my opinion, in positions of entrenched leadership, authority, and influence, are abject failures and need to be completely ostracized and marginalized out of at least the American existence, if not to the fringe of humanity!

Sorry Mr. Berenson, I call it the way I see it, this is the end of civilization as we know it, until proven otherwise…

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I have never understood how vax efficacy (at least in terms of preventing death) could be demonstrated at all for a virus with an IFR of .05% for people under 70 (according to Ioannidis). How big would the sample size have to be, in order to prove a statistically significant reduction? What - you show a decrease in IFR from .05 to .025%?? Boosting the insanity indeed. (And thank you, Sir, for your amazing work.)

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Actually had never heard of Alex Betrnson but saw on reddit conservative you were banned by pravda/Twitter and came here to sign up. So tired of this oppressive speech BS where everyone is supposed to tow the line of the approved narrative of the moment or else get banned for “misinformation”. It is such a crock. The more people the Gov/Tech machine tries to silence the more people I find to support.

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I'm an innumerate dummy, born with almost zero aptitude for math or science. Fortunately I do have some verbal abilities, so even I can read and understand that our feckless, idiotic, dishonest, and corrupt government does not have our best interests in mind. Masks don't work very well. Requiring children to get vaccinated is downright evil. Requiring recovered adults to get jabbed is also evil. Repressing information on an effective treatment -slash-prophylactic like ivermectin merits a "ditto." Even so much as contemplating more murderous "lockdowns" also qualifies as evil And depraved.

Against our better judgment my wife and I did get our double jabs. But that's the end of it. No more. The only way out is to wait for herd immunity. Or if we get sick in the interim, even though we're in our 70's we're robust, and healthy seniors. We work out every day and get lots of sun down here in South Florida. Chances are good we'll recover and enjoy genuinely long lasting, natural immunity.

Meanwhile, the government can go to Hell. They are not our friends. They are not their to serve the people. Their actions are transparently ridiculous

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What bothers me the most is the level of raw anger that results from even an attempt to raise questions about this therapy's safety or efficacy. People that I respect as thoughtful and intelligent have flown off the handle at me for even bringing up the fact that no one knows what the potential long term effects of these shots could be. For that reason alone, the idea of universal implementation makes absolutely no sense to me. But good luck trying to have a rational conversation about it.

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Thank you, Alex. Excellent piece. Before I read it, I watched a really creepy interview with Bill Gates smiling at all the ways the interviewer suggested people could be punished for not getting vaccinated. He especially smiled when social security came up. Why is this asshole who made lousy software having any say over my rights?

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Dr. Robert Malone is reporting that taking the mRNA vaccines reduces one's own natural immunity, meaning if you come down with the D or L variant, you'll be worse off having taken the vaccine than if you don't get vaccinated at all. Makes sense to me. Also, if everyone takes the vaccines, there is NO chance of herd immunity, and breakthrough infections will in fact increase, not decrease. Just what Big Pharma wants: lots of cases, need for booster shots every six months. Can you say: HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

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"We know they are lying

They know they are lying

We know that they know they are lying

They know that we know that they are lying

And still, they continue to lie."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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That is horrifying. My parents and sibling have been vaxxed on Pfizer except me and my family. Thank goodness for brave souls like Alex and journalists in Israel willing to tell the truth. What the Govt, Media and Healthcare industry in the USA are doing to push these vaccines without any concern for side effects or efficacy against COVD is truly demonic.

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It is wonderful that you report what no-one else will. However, for me, I have never needed ‘proof’ via scientific data that these vaccines would be a total fail. In December 2020 I used the following common sense.

1—-> Simple natural law of life that applies to all humans no matter their vocation or wealth :- Rushing anything, always results in the ‘end result’ being substandard. Three simple examples - rush the cooking of the soup, and it will likely not taste so good. Leave exam preparation to the last minute, and rush it in 2 nights, and your exam results will likely be very poor. Go to the gym and rush your workout, by not doing the appropriate stretches before and afterwards, and you will likely end up with a muscle strain or other physical injury.

All other ‘vaccines’ ones that actually make the vaccinated immune, and genuinely DO provide herd immunity have taken between 7 and 20 years to develop. Developing a vaccine is not a ‘swift’ process. However the current vaccines (all of them) have been hurriedly cobbled together in under a year.

2—-> Another simple law of life that applies to all of us, irrespective of job or wealth :- something that is new, is not well understood, because we do not have experience of it. Therefore, when using new technology MORE diligence, patience , and care is required. mRNA while not a new technology for science, has never before been used to deliver a ‘vaccine’.

Thus, the combination of my first to points make a disaster very likely.

3——> Another simple law of life . If someone protects themselves, they think there is a danger. The vaccine makers have protected themselves with legal immunity from prosecution. Ergo - they think their vaccines are potentially dangerous. They think they are NOT safe or effective enough.

I can sue virtually every other producer of goods and services if their service or product damages my health, but I cannot do so for the makers of the vaccine??!! Come on! If that doesn’t make you suspicious and doubtful …….

4—-> SARS and MERS are coronaviruses. After at least 10 years of trying, safe and effective vaccines for SARS and MERS have eluded science. As COVID 19 is also a coronavirus, it is reasonable to conclude that it will not be easy or quick, and maybe impossible, to develop a truly effective and safe vaccine for C19.


If you thoroughly understand these 4 points then you would never gamble with your body’s health by going anywhere near these vaccines.

All anyone needed was 3 common sense rules of life, that I believe virtually all of us know, and the history of previous coronavirus vaccine failures (SARS & MERS).


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Hi Alex, thanks for the update. A couple of thoughts to keep in mind.

1. People should always start the critique with a reminder that the immune systems of nearly everybody works just fine, no injections were ever needed for nearly everyone. So just stop with the vaxxophilia already (them not you)

2. These injections were not designed to stop infection and transmission, only reduce symptoms. Since they clearly allow infection and transmission, see point #1.

3. Pharma can manipulate trial data 9 ways to Sunday and are very good at releasing data in ways that enhances the image of their products as safe and effective. Peter Doshi argued back in December that they may have manipulated the reporting of the clinical trial data to get those ridiculous efficacy numbers. Since Pharma corps always do this, why should we have given them the benefit of the doubt in this case? (Hint. we should not have)

4. It is my understanding that a stronger immune response is indicated by higher antibody titers. If that is what Pfizer is reporting here (keeping in mind that they can and do manipulate trial data to get the numbers they want) then we can assume that the adverse event profile will be much worse with a 3rd dose (as it is the immune response that produces the inflammation that people experience as symptoms). A lot more people are going to be injured and killed by these injections than in the first round.

5. Oh and regarding point, #4, it will be much much worse for younger healthier adults and teens.

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I am a physician and I could have not have said it better. Thank you for posting this!

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This. Is. A. Crime. Against. Humanity!!-


They will quite literally jabbed you until DEATH.

In previous animal testing, animals were vaxxed with MRNA jab against a Corona virus (THE COMMON COLD), and then when exposed to a wild corona virus ALL THE ANIMALS DIED

They tried this again in a clinical trial with 35 childrsn and the exact same thing happened agsin and 2 children DIED and the rest became gravely ill..

This cytokine storm brought on by the jab is called antibody dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming.

THE VAX COMPANIES KNEW THIS. This is why they SKIPPED animal testing and other safety protocols.

The spike protein initially thought to stay in the arm of the vaccinated DOES NOT..It circulates in the blood and reaches all vital organs and causes inflammation, with especially high concentrations in the OBARIES leading to STERILITY.

Why in GODS NAME does thosis shock anyone??? This information is available on the NIH archives regarding the studies. The rest of the massive consequences including DEATH can be found at CDC VAERS, the jab death and injury reporting system.

Many CHILDREN are being killed and maimed by these jabs.

Myocarditis, with 2000+ cases and likely millions more as VAERS only captures 1-10% of all jab deaths and injuries, is just ONE of the adverse events. Multi system inflammatory syndrome has injured 4000 children ajd killed 40 of them.

Until people grow some NUTS this insanity will only escalate.

The very corrupt compromised FDA will approve these jabs and make them mandatory for CHILDREN for school. Very young CHILDREN


What a fucking SAD state of affairs that people are so unbelievably stupid ignorant narcissistic that they can't stop and THINK or research what these jabs really do.

Thanks to eugenicist billionaire elite like vaccine obsessed Bill Gates this is a success beyond their wildest DEPOPULATION DREAMS.

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My question is this: What if these vaccines were *designed* to wear off and fail? What incentive does a drug company have to produce a vaccine that provides permanent immunity? Planned obsolescence is far more profitable in the long run.

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And now we have reports that hospitalizations in the UK are actually HIGHER among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. This, by the way, is also the trend taking shape in Israel. I suspect the only reason we haven't seen a similar phenomenon play out in the U.S. is because we are further behind in vaccination rates; Israel and UK, however, are on the leading edge:

"Public Health England (PHE) released a report on August 6 detailing the spread of the Delta variant of the virus, and includes hospitalizations and deaths where COVID-19 was a factor between February 1, 2021, and August 2, 2021.

Despite claims that the jabs provide upwards of 90 percent protection against illness with COVID-19, the PHE document lists deaths involving the virus in some 0.4 percent of vaccinated individuals died within 28 days of a positive COVID test. Of those hospitalized, the rate stands at 22.7 percent having died. This compares with the unvaccinated category, of which 0.17 percent died within 28 days of a positive COVID test overall, and of those hospitalized 8.5 percent had died.

When analyzed according to the subcategories of vaccination, again the double jabbed stand out as being at increased risk of death if they catch the virus. So-called “fully vaccinated” individuals registered 0.85 percent dead within 28 days of a positive COVID test and among those hospitalized, some 29.7 percent had died.

This pits the double jabbed at an overall increased risk of death from catching the virus as five times more likely than those who did not receive the jab. If the “fully vaccinated” are hospitalized after testing positive for COVID, they stand a statistical chance of dying that is 3.5 times greater than that of unvaccinated individuals."


Also, for any who are interested, I have detailed (as concisely as possible) my path to vaccine "hesitancy" and my reasons for resisting mandates. Please feel free to share as widely as possible with those who are still somewhat open-minded and willing to hear a different perspective. The article has managed to silence quite a few who have attacked me for my hesitance:


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Great questions, Alex. This is a mess. With each passing day, it becomes ever more clear that the cure(s) are worse than the disease. Too bad we don't have a referee who could call a do-over and send us back 18 months.

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