Who's the Alex Berenson of election integrity reporting? There really are a lot of legitimate questions from the 2020 election that nobody serious has covered as far as I know. Seriously, I trust Alex on the vaccines obviously, but his comment about conservatives "can now stop whining about cheated elections" or whatever was overly dismissive for me. I like Alex because he tracks down the facts using real data sources, has anybody done the same on the 2020 election? For example, was there really video of votes in duffel bags being rerun multiple times after a fake water main break was reported to clear out the room? Did Trump really win a ton of traditional counties that always dictate who wins the election, but this time the final result went against that for the first time in a long time? Are those charts that show Biden's vote count suddenly jumping vertically in the middle of the night real? Did someone really prove in a live meeting that the voting machines were illegally hooked up to the internet? Were the state constitutions really violated by not having the legislatures approve all the insane last minute voting rule changes put in place "due to Covid'? Did Trump really outperform himself with minority demographics all over the country, except for suspiciously not when crossing the borders into Detroit and other major cities? Are there really places where a lot more votes were counted than voters even existed? Were there really large batches of votes in various states that went 95-100% to Biden? Were there really large batches of mail in votes that appeared to be printed/filled in by machines and also without folding creases? Seriously, can we just get an Alex Berenson level reporter on this? Let's not pretend like 2020 was a normal election and whoever lost is just being a sore loser. That election was crazy with all of the rule changes and I personally know people who received way too many ballots in the mail just for a small example of the cluster that it all was. I personally didn't know how to interpret the AZ audit findings...at first I read it proved Biden actually won by more than originally thought, but then all the usual suspects started claiming those results somehow proved Trump was robbed. Which one was it? I just want to feel like our elections are legitimate, but that won't happen until all of the above questions are seriously researched and answered by a respectable source. And by respectable I mean someone who crunches vaccine data like it's nothing and can translate for all us normal people who don't have the time or experience to do it ourselves...hint hint Alex.

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I am in Washington state, and I'm tuning in on both Gubernatorial races for Virginia and New Jersey. "Let's Go Brandon!"

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As Dems break into Office Depots throughout Fairfax County to steal the paper and printers needed to make 80,000 identical votes. Again.

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Folks….a government that can and will force experimental jabs on you will have no difficulty arranging election results to suit their purposes.

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Wake up Alex! Biden hardly won any state. Since you clearly understand the magnitude of the vaccine-genocide we're facing, you ought the understand that power was wrested from Trump in 2020 to launch that campaign of death and destruction.

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I have 4 more years left in NJ, which is a beautiful state, btw. It sure would be nice to not be under communist rule during this time.

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Progressive is code for Communist.

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Vamonos Brandon!

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Listen folks - whatever the outcome tonight, remember there are more of us than they want us to know that hate these vax mandates!!

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I never believed Biden won NJ by 16 points. I think it was way closer than that definitely single digits but Murphy declared the 2020 Presidential election would be universal all mail in ballots. He took away our right to vote by machine. Trump is much more popular in this state then people realize. I saw tons of Trump signs all over the state in 2020 and barely any for Biden.

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Election fraud should be a felony, and not selectively enforced only on republicans. For election fraud exceeding more than say 10 fake votes - mandatory 10 year minimum sentences.

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Braves win! Braves win! Sorry guys but they DO!!!! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

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Title: We don't co-parent  with the Government or with the School Committee.

Dear School Commiittee Members

We as parents, citizens and constituents have done our duty.

We flattened the curve by wearing the mask (that chain link fence type of mask was all we needed to stop this apocalyptic virus) for 18 months.

We wore our masks like "good-little- doobies".

We complied with the never ending rules that the "hall monitor" Karen insisted upon.

We are done.

You work for us, you work for MY children, you work for MY tax dollars. Yes it is mine. All. Of. It.

As voted-in stewards you squandered my good faith and my hard earned dollars as membership to join the "cult of safety".

You sure as heck didn't care when lice runs rampant. Do you know how gross lice is? Do you know how  Lice operate? Let me give you a quick snapshot:

"Chewing lice live among the hairs or feathers of their host and feed on skin and debris, while sucking lice pierce the host's skin and feed on blood and other secretions. They usually spend their whole life on a single host, cementing their eggs, called nits, to hairs or feathers. The eggs hatch into nymphs, which moult three times before becoming fully grown, a process that takes about four weeks"

Why didn't you shut down ALL the schools every time I get the call from the nurse. Or the letter that the little critters are infesting the school year in and year out? The money, embarrassment, the WORK to eradicate them is enormous.

But you know what... we do it, we're adults we figure it out.  We use a scalpel literally ... not a sledgehammer. Unlike EVERY  person in Massachusetts School System DID when it came to "eradicating" Covid 19. (By the way it is already mutated and Covid 19 is extinct)

Where are you all now when IQ's of babies have dropped 20 points (NY Post Article August 13th By Hannah Feisburg ), probably due to excess cortisol the mother had to endure!

And mask wearing causes that too by the way... Good ol' physiology!

Masks don't work to confer health but masks sure do breed bacteria, depression and anxiety.

Huh.... Yeah, what about the depression and anxiety my daughters have suffered which is immeasurable.... Multiply that  by the millions of other children. Did you know there is term called "Suicidiality of Children". I never heard of this term  before all of this Covid - 19 non-sense. And that is what it is. UTTER NON-SENSE.

You destroyed children, you destroyed actual childhood, all in order to be the "good hall monitor" and get the pat on the head. Your version of a cure is actually worse than the disease, and you still remain complicit.

You know how many kids died out of the 73. 1 million children?....... Well 1798 contracted Covid-19...but wait for it... Hold onto your mask!. 9 children died of Covid - 19, (and even that is mixed with influenza data!) yet 800 kids die of drowning under the age of 5 every year!

Using science, data, evidence, common sense and common decency are an anathema to your cause. This evidence is still apparently not enough to stop the  perpetuation of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome with all of the false data accrued. That is actual child abuse.

So in fact you are abusing my child.

In fact you are abusing them ALL! Slowly suffocating them all day long by hypocapnia. That is a real thing. Good ol' physiology!

SCORE: 2 Common Sense, 0 School Committee.

Less oxygen equals slow brains and ill health, common sense backed by data. Again, common sense seems to keep winning here!

Did you know that those mask don't block anything?


As of today October 8th 2021 it has been 590 days.....since Governor Baker shut down the state and here we still are because no one has courage to say "Enough already!" That lack of courage is STILL the only virus going around. When a school official called me last year because my remarks "offended and hurt". I don't care about your feelings, I thought. I care about children and their proper outcomes. In life, physical, emotional, spirituality in school and in general.

School committee members ypu work for us, you are not the parents. We mitigate risks and weigh the analysis daily because that is what adults do, we figure it out. Again, you, the School Commiittee are not the parent. We don't co-parent with out, period.

Truth is pretty simple......

All you have to say to any and all students and staff:

"Your sick stay home you won't kill grandma and grandpa, wash your hands, lay of the sugar get some sleep and we will see you in 14 days." And even that is too much common sense!

Again, we are adults we can figure it out.

The only good thing about Covid-19 is that I hardly work and with a measly $24,000 a year part time job I have, during my low income life I have enjoyed reading all the information I have gathered, to the point of being a Post-Grad in Virology! Where as you buried yourselves in six figure salaries and offered it up to the gods of the false religion of "scientism" and the "cult of safety".

No thanks, that club gives no prizes worthy enough.

You all don't call mixing a cake batter the same as creating a gorgeous 10 course meal do you? But you have tried to use the kudgel of fear to persuade me that you actually created that meal.

You have done nothing of the sort, you made a crappy T.V. Dinner and tried to force down our throats.

The truth is very simple and it will come out.

Viruses come and go, and Covid left the building in July 2020!

What are you so afraid of? The virus has a 99.85% survivability rate..... That still hasn't changed!

We are the parents of our children, not you, stop punishing us because we did our job.

Now do yours

Be courageous.... I dare you

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With respect to Alex and other people of integrity it is obvious to anyone with a functioning BS monitor and time and ability to read and observe that the 2020 presidential election was a classic despotic Third world type fraud! Rules of the universe - believe the opposite of everything the extreme Leftists say; and Leftists who are tyrannically censoring anything to do with election fraud investigation (and The CCP virus) are covering up for their massive fraud and criminal malfeasance.

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Bless your heart. It's as if you think New Jersey isn't a corrupt hellhole. Three little words:

"Margin of fraud."

I **want** to believe. But fuggetaboutit.

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All of the overnight under the table ballots need to get scanned.

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New Jersey is a cesspool

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Harvard epidemiologist dismantles CDC study attacking COVID natural immunity

Dr. Martin Kulldorf has worked on vaccine epidemiology for nearly twenty years, since joining the Harvard faculty, and is among many epidemiologists who have quickly pointed out the CDC study’s fatal flaws.

As the federal and local governments double down on vaccine mandates, a new study by the Yale School of Public Health offers the latest evidence that the immunity acquired by COVID-19 infection is superior to the immunity from vaccination.


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Let's go Brandon and Braves!

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Is this the Biden Bounce? He bounced everyone out of office?

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Generally people that use the word "unapologetic" as something very positive are authoritarian, snob assholes.

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FJB! Did you see, he fell asleep at the all important conference. Trump was right on point. Sleepy Joe strikes again.

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Big blue areas have most of the outstanding votes though. I think the tyrant Murphy wins this one on the backs of the irrationally terrified.

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What the election results in N.J. and Virginia communicate is that American citizens do not support the idea racism is our primary problem. The progressive lies about CRT not being taught in schools and the FBI being enlisted to investigate parents proved to be a bridge too far. Trump not being involved eliminated the backlash of Democrats hatred of Trump that resulted in our country ending up with the disaster that is Joe Biden and his $450,000 for the psychological trauma of skipping the line to enter our welcoming country illegally.

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Taking into consideration the political leaning of these 2 states historically, this is a significant turn of events that reflects the sentiments of the nation. Hang on Brandon!

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Bad day for Brandonites. They need to many, many more

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No kidding... as I entered the voting place at the firehouse in Hightstown, NJ yesterday, a man leaving said "Let's go Brandon" to me. Then I got inside and they handed me a sharpie to fill out my ballot. Hopefully Murphy didn't find a way to steal it.

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"building a multiracial, multiethnic campaign..." ....If i may add, as one who is a logophile, linguist in varying strengths of several parental languages of English + an etymphile, part philologist and a custodian and and puritan of accurate/correct and precise sound intelligent English (rightist language) as George Orwell was a champion of (meaning an opponent to seriously hijacked, corroded, corrupted, degenerated, mutilated, perverted, truncated and vandalised English aka leftist language/neo-Socialist language/sodomite language etc), the compound word "multi-racial" and the philology rule breaking compound barbarous hybrid construction of "multi-ethnic" ("multi" is out of Latin and "ethnic" is out of Greek) is also yet another form of word trickery. Firstly in the Holy Bible, the word 'race' has nothing to do with your bloodlines, but in proper etymology has do with racing a chariot, racing on foot, running the race of life, to run a race etc.

Secondly if you were to spend the time investigating English literature (modern English) before roughly the mid to late 1800s (before English started to have the true etymology of words hijacked intentionally to control people's minds through serious catachresis and solecism - [previous to this, almost all of English kept it's true meaning of words since Old English]) you will find that the word "race" was being used (in a slightly corrupted way) as synonym to "tribe" (not clan)/ethnicity. And now since the ultra diabolic false science of Darwinism during roughly the same mid 1800s time period gained much influence as an anti-Scriptural view of the origins the universe and man, Darwin took the word "race" and forced an even far more corrupted meaning (deliberate catachresis) on the word that was based on supposedly man coming from apes so this way he could push the anti-God (pro-Devil) belief there were 'races' and thus some 'races' supposedly were inherently better than other 'races' mentally, intellectually, physically (pleasing to the eyes), and that therefore there were inferior 'races' .... why do you think when hear about Darwin and his magnus opus on Evolution Theory, it's rare to see the full title of his book about his theories? Notice very carefully the full title to his book, for if they knew the full title of "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life", NOTICE the "favoured races" part, maybe uninformed unlearned people might have gained some inkling of the tribal superiority propagated by this controversial theorist. Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein = a Jew) is who is attributed with coining the term "racist/racism" totally based on the severe Darwinist catachresis of the word 'race', which he did apparently to deliberately by false definition, divide the peoples of Ukraine and Russia by illusory divisions/conflicts based on their ethnicity etc.

So i had to lay that brick first to get you to comprehend why using the compounded word "multi-racial" and the philololgically barbarous hybrid compound word of "multi-ethnic" is pure word trickery/deception to divide us by colour of skin rather than divide one another by the content of our character (spiritual - who's side you on? God's or the Devil's? See Bible which MLK Jr. was using for the basis of his famous words about being judged by the content of our character not the colour of our skin) since there *are no races, we are all from Noah who was from Adam, we are all one blood, take special note of verse 26*;

"24 God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that He is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; 25 Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though He needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; 26 *And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;*' - Acts 17:24-26

So it is correct to use "ethnicity" (in the Greek New Covenant/Testament the word is 'ethnikos' to refer to different tribes of man) not "race" since the former still implies of being of one blood. So i hope those who read this, found this edifying, insightful, beneficial and veritable to see how so many who are unlearned on these types of things, are being duped like serious naive fools (by the ethnicity/colour of skin rabble-rousers of various levels of power) to fight over colour of skin and ethnicity instead of thinking with critical reasoning/sound intellect of who are the ones enflaming, instigating, fomenting, and agitating such unlearned people in these areas to fight over these so foolish low-level intelligent tribal type conflicts in order to keep them distracted from actually seeing who is really behind this so the fighting tribes can unite and unify against the TPTB who is the real enemy.

Lastly, the below is evidence why you MUST ALWAYS be paying attention to the misuse and abuse of words (non-deliberate or deliberate) and their usage;

*"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."* - Philip K Dick.

*"As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: You liberate a city by destroying it. Words are used to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests."* - Gore Vidal, Imperial America, 2004

*"And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'"* - George Orwell, "Nineteen Eighty-Four" pg. 32

*"Political language.... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give a appearance of solidity to pure wind."* - George Orwell

*"It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."* - "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell.

*How strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words."* - Samuel Adams

Just my 7 cents contribution.

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Double scan! Double scan!

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I don't believe Biden won by 16 points . So good luck to NJ this time round for some better outcomes.

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Minneapolis votes to retain a police department. Let’s Go George Floyd.( too soon?)

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Cmon NJ, pull this out, do the right thing! We got VA, now dont let us down!

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Wanted to see what the “Vaccinated Mets Fan” had to say lol

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You are soo cute. Besides Kurt Schlichter, you make me laugh the most.

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In defense of Dr. Fauci

Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lex-fridman-podcast/id1434243584?i=1000540919852

#238 – Francis Collins: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Lex Fridman Podcast

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"The governor’s race is a coin flip at this point, with 75% of the vote counted. (Biden won by 16 points A YEAR AGO.)"

2008 NJ Presidential Election: Obama 57.1%, McCain 41.6%

2020 NJ Presidential Election: Biden 57.3%, Trump 41.4%

2009 NJ Gubernatorial Election: Christie 48.5%, Corzine 44.9%

2021 NJ Gubernatorial Election: Murphy 50.1%, Ciatterelli: 49.1%

"Who could have seen this coming?"

Uhh... anyone with a memory longer than the current length of the news cycle? Granted, remembering allllllllll the way back to 2009 may be tough, but I think you can do it!

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Elections, elections. But Covid and the lockdowns and the vaccines. These are NON-PARTISAN issues and I'll bet you they would have happened even if we had a different President. Look behind the veil to the corporatists; they are beholden to no party. Break free of the sniping about 'the other' party and let's break free of the lies and mandates!

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One suggestion that would reduce election fraud - do not count votes or report results until all votes are in. That way votes sufficient to overcome a deficit don't mysteriously show up in middle of the night. Won't stop ballot stuffing but will reduce some of this other nonsense.

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gotta love "vaccinated mets fan" lol what a way to self-identify.

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I’m in New Jersey. Unfortunately, Gov Murphy has a 1400 vote lead and will probably pull further ahead counting more mail in votes. Although I am disappointed I am not surprised. But it is nice to know about half of my state is as fed up as I am. I do fear Murphy will punish us dissenters with stricter vax mandates when all is said and done.

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Word of the day... BACKLASH as in voters.

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I haven't herd anything about the NY mayor's race. They say that Guardian Angel leader Curtis Sliwa doesn't have a chance as NY is 90% democrat. But not too long ago Giuliani won twice. If Sliwa surprised everyone and won, NY would be worth visiting again. I won't go back as long as everyone is required to "Show Your Papers" to be allowed into a restaurant.

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pay attention ... still lots go shenanigans ..... #fairfax lets go Brandon

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Think elections will make a difference?

Sociopaths will not be ignored, think Fatal Attraction.

They will try to cook you all…

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Why is it always the democrat strongholds that are last to finish the count? Essex, Hudson and Camden counties should be ashamed of their inept procedures which no one can explain. It is complete BS in a race decided by a few hundred votes.

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Soccer player. Female. 23 yr old. Palermo (Italy). Cardiac arrest. Dead.

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Hahaha Let’s Go Brandon!!

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Salem county still 0% reported. 🧐

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Ciabatta is back down to +0.25% ... forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.

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