A reader asks: How does PANDEMIA differ from the Unreported Truths series?

Fair question.

As is so often the case, the simplest answer is the truest: Unreported Truths were booklets. PANDEMIA is a book.

The difference isn’t just length - although PANDEMIA is about three times as long as all four booklets combined. The booklets explained the issues around masks and other individual aspects of the coronavirus crisis. PANDEMIA covers the sweep of what has happened and puts our decisions in context in a way that I hope will be informative no matter how much you know.

It also is personal in a way that the booklets are not. Maybe 15 percent of it is about how my new role as a lockdown and now vaccine skeptic has changed my life, including the wedge it drove between me and my dad before he died in May 2020.

I was and remain proud of the booklets. They were important documents. But I hope PANDEMIA is something more. I hope it is a book that people can read in five or 10 or even 20 years to remind themselves not just of the mistakes our governments and media made but of how they - how we - felt as the days blurred together and we wandered through Wal-Mart searching for toilet paper and wondered why our kids couldn’t go to school.

And I hope you agree.

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