All roads lead back to GoF research financed by us! That means, if you're keeping score:

We (the taxpayers) paid for gain-of-function research into bat-origin coronaviruses at a shoddy lab in Wuhan, China. Sometimes we even paid more than once.

We paid for exclusive tests the CDC fumbled from the start — refusing help from the private sector in the process.

We paid for CARES Act hospital bonuses.

We paid for hundreds of millions of covid tests, and millions of dollars more to futilely attempt to trace the contacts of people with positive results.

We paid for countless worthless masks, which now litter the countryside.

We paid for the ridiculous enforcement of stupid covid rules — like spying on churches and arresting paddleboarders.

We paid for trillions in other ridiculous covid spending because we shut down the economy — some of which was literally paying people not to work because we shut down the economy.

We paid for the vaccines, millions of which are going to waste.

We paid millions for endless covid propaganda that badgered us constantly about how safe and effective the shots were, and the Twitter Files prove we also paid for the censorship (both public and “private”) that ensured “safe and effective” was the only allowed viewpoint.

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I have ever only asked one question.

Why did the Chinese Govt (CCP) not allow anyone from Wuhan to travel to any major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc., but yet allowed over 850,000 people from Wuhan to get on planes and travel internationally to Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the UK, New York, L.A., Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto??

Answer that and you know what happened.

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Mar 24, 2023·edited Mar 24, 2023

I was a police officer for 30 years and, right from the beginning in basic training, we were drilled on the principle of "continuity of evidence". No matter how big or how small the investigation, if the evidence is not complete then there is no case.

For Covid, the single most important piece of evidence is the one piece they don't have, that which would link it to a natural source. Without it there is no continuity, no case and everything written about it is mere speculation.

Moreover, to suggest that after more than three years, modern science and research capability still hasn't "found" this missing piece of evidence is simply beyond credible. Of course, it hasn't been found because it doesn't exist.

Wankers (and liars) the lot of them! 😡

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We're missing 3 elephantine questions in the room:

1. Regardless of origin of Covid19, was the unwarranted response disproportionate and devastating in its impact? (Answer: Yes, it was a self-inflicted utter catastrophe)

2. Was the catastrophe intentionally inflicted, to the benefit of its sponsors?

3. Don't questions about origin distract and deflect from #1 and #2?

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I read it all and appreciated all of it.

What I’ve learned in six months as a Substack writer. Three lessons: Substack itself is the biggest media story in years; Substack writers are allowing new Substack writers to reach a large audience and people in “blue” states have been some my biggest supporters. I wonder what's coming in the next six months ...


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Very nice work Alex. This one and the "too long" one. Thanks for all your wisdom and effort. You should win a Pullitzer and Nobel prize too.

It's not like this isn't a serious subject!

And NO other journalist or politician or government agent will get out of their own way about it.

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"Furin cleavage sites make it much easier for viruses to infect humans. Sars-Cov-2 has such a site. Other, similar coronaviruses do not. Weird, huh?"

Paging Tony. Your monster has escaped. Lie Stat.

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Any good reporter would have been skeptical of all of it: COVID origins, the effectiveness of lockdowns, social distancing and masks, the ability of the vaccines to prevent transmission of the virus, etc. Unfortunately, we have very few good reporters but a lot of "journalists" that parrot the government line.

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"If all of this new technology is so great, WHERE is the HIV vaccine? Don't they care? It's been SO LONG!" - conversation ends...what are you doing for Easter?

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I ate those questions up!

If you get the urge to serve more, I’m at the table.

I do love your posts, your books and your cable interviews.

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Well, The Atlantic finally gets something right. An animal did start the pandemic. We just aren't sure which researcher with which petri dish at which lab in which country did it. Almost sounds like the start of a certain board game.

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Mar 24, 2023·edited Mar 24, 2023

"Why is it always the Atlantic?"

You know why Alex. The current editor of the Atlantic did such a great job at the New Yorker misinforming the public on Iraq that he effectively got promoted to become editor of the Atlantic. And now he is there, still serving elite interests.

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I have one question... Does Fauci or any of his accomplices understand that they are insulting our intelligence?? A Raccoon Dog?? What happened to the Bats? What about the Pangolins? Jon Lovitz clearly would be perfect portraying Fauci ... “ yeah, that’s it, a Raccoon Dog! “

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Funny thing is, I forwarded yesterday's post to a bunch of family members. I'm not in the habit of doing that - usually it's el gato malo's stuff, but even that isn't frequent - but yesterday's post HAD to be seen by others' eyes (especially my family, most of whose smart brains - lawyers, heads of English depts., etc - have been broken).

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With regard to natural origins, I believe the natural origins theory. It naturally escaped from the Wuhan Lab due to naturally poor lab practices and naturally low quality Chinese ventilation systems. Then the virus response was governed by politicians who naturally wrecked the economy and killed and are killing far more people than the virus actually killed. Then the naturally weak minded segment of society believed everything the governments told them and they now naturally believe the pangolins and raccoon dogs did it. And this all goes to prove that stupid is naturally hard to fix.

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