Alex keep posting this types of stories - we too are tired of being told it is only the unvaccinated that are dying.

I had a buddy go to dr this week, doctor asked if he was vaxxed - “no” thinking he would be treated like a 3rd world citizen. Doctor: “good you should recover just fine here’s Rx for steroids, 75% of what I see come in here are vaxxed and go straight to ICU”

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I saw my doctor this week, (general checkup) told him of my family history with stroke and aneurisms - he said he still recommend I get the shot.

Why? It will keep you from dying.

Doctor also said he doesn’t trust the CDC and FDA, but the New England Journal of medicine is saying the vax is safe. I said oh, really where do they get their information?

Doctor - FDA and CDC … I said you see the problem here?

I then asked how he would treat Covid .. tylenol and ibuprofen.

Me how about ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine? Those don’t work.

Why, it seems Japan and India are having great success?

The New England Journal of medicine says they don’t work … where do they get their information? FDA and CDC.

Doc - you seeing a trend here?

Will you write and RX for ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine? No.

Okay, so you see how this chess game is going.. doctor I have redness in my eyes from time to time - will you write me a Rx for topical steroids for my eyes? Yes, and he never looked in my eyes!

I said my goodbyes and I think I’ll be interviewing more doctors … we’re in a pandemic after all.

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I’ll take my natural immunity, which is still going strong after more than 10 months, thank you very much. Your sub stack is the best $6 a month I spend.

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Got a call last night. My wife’s 14 yr old nephew is in the ICU with severe cardiac inflammation. He was vaccinated about a month ago. Praying for a recovery but it’s touch & go right now

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This is why I worry so for my vaccinated family members. Hubby and I (early 60s, unvaccinated) both recovered (unremarkably) from Covid back in July. I've had symptoms worse than Covid at other times in my life. Did a course of Ivermectin 7 days into the infection. Was fine 2 days after the Ivermectin. And now we both have antibodies and T-cell memory.

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Also anecdotal, but every person I know who has tested positive for the rona in the last six weeks (at least 20 people) was fully vaccinated. Also, the only person I know that has died from/with Covid was fully vaccinated. I have several friends and family members who have opted to remain in the control group, and at least for now we are all faring better than my vaccinated friends. This isn't a RCT, just an observation from an interested person, but I get the impression that I am not the only one experiencing this.

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I know that correlation does not equal causation, but in my very tiny circle the only people who have become severely ill from COVID were vaccinated. One ended up in the hospital with Thrombocytopenia after his right leg turned black. It coincided with a sinus infection after vaccination. The other was the only one vaccinated among her family of three. Her husband and son are fine, Covid was no problem, but she had and is still having an incredibly hard time, even after monoclonal antibody treatment. I believe the vaccine messes up your immune system to the point that it genuinely doesn’t know how to make its own immunity The next time it encounters any infection that isn’t that exact one for which you received the vaccine.

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Very sad. He was my favorite analyst and I had been following his case closely for many weeks. He was on ventilator for about three weeks before he died. The medical establishment has failed and this man’s death is entirely in their hands.

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I mean, does the vaccine make COVId worse? A 39 year old who is relatively fit did not die of Covid pre-vaccine. And politics have intruded on science to prevent actual analysis and data gathering. It’s almost like, oh well, another death, see we told you so - get vaccinated. Rather than, let’s analyze what made a 39 year old, healthy man die of Covid after having the vaccine?

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September 22, 2019 I spent about 5 hours with a client and their Mother who had landed at Ohare airport about an hour before we all got together.

September 28, 2019 exactly 6 days after meeting with my client, I get a severe sore throat,cough, fever 101.6 and headache all started on day 2 and lasted thru day 12. Finally go to Doc. She said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you”. What??!!! I had a seasonal Flu shot end of August 2019. Next thing I know the nurses all come in wearing masks. Wtf I’m thinking?

She puts me on Zpack for the unknown virus and Benzonite (for the cough). Day 13-45 in bed off and on. Better some days not so much on other days. Wasn’t until Oct 31, 2019 that I began to feel 100%. 5 Weeks!!!

Fast forward to March 2020. The Covid announcement listing all the symptoms including if you have been around Chinese people!!! Here’s me- I had all those symptoms!!!

I KNOW I HAD COVID 9/2019. It is exactly 2 years later. Not one symptom, cough, or sniffle. I took a 3 hour plane trip in January 2021 a night flight. I took my mask off when they shut the lights off. Still nothing.

I’m not bragging or boasting, I am saying the CCP released that F’g BIOWEAPON on the world earlier than they are admitting to and simply that NATURAL IMMUNITY WORKS FOLKS!!!

I mentioned all this to another doctor, she said, did you get an antibody test? I’m like, WTF Doc, antibody test won’t pick up my immunity. I need a TITER test. She just sat there looking at me nodding in agreement, and looking at me - like huh, How could you know more than me about your own body?? Ugh!! People- Trust your T and B cells. Doctors are robots now and don’t know what to think.

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Neither Moderna or Pfizer trials have shown any benefit for all cause mortality after 5 or 6 months. Beyond 6 months the UK data show an increase in all cause mortality for the vaccinated. What the hell is the public health justification for this shot?

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My 11 years old son started with malaise on the last day of our vacation. Next day we drove home for 11 hours. Windows closed, AC on. One day later he tested positive for Covid. 3 days of low grade fever. 5th day day I took him to the urgent care as I was worried about his heat rate (fixed with fluids). Chest X-ray showed a possible bacterial pneumonia (he was knocked upside down by a wave at the beach and breathed in water). Anyway. Doctor wanted to send him home with Tylenol and ibuprofen only. Had to fight for a Azytromicin. Within 48 hours he was so much better. My husband, myself and our other son tested negative twice despite the long hours we spent in the car with a “infected” kid. Didn’t isolate him either (despite the pressure the health department was making to isolate and wear masks at all time in the house).

I thought the possibility of being a false positive however he lost taste and smell (it is back now) so it was the only thing that makes me believe that it was actually Covid. Question is: how we didn’t get infected?! Asked my doctor and she doesn’t know. Asked what she would prescribe in case we showed symptoms: “Ibuprofen and Tylenol.” She told me only to go to the emergency room if I couldn’t speak because of a respiratory distress. She actually “showed” to me over the online consultation what she meant. I was appalled. Made a formal complaint with the health insurance - Waiting for a call.

Next week get my antibody test done. I had to answer one million questions as my doctor wanted to know why I needed that done. What the heck is going on?! Why it is so damn difficult?! All of my friends that got vaccinated contracted Covid. Nothing, absolutely nothing makes any sense. Ever.

She kept pushing the vaccine. I told her, ok but before that I want to get my troponin, CBC, ddimer and antibody test checked for at least 4-6 months before I take the shot. She asked why. I told her that if something happens to me after I take the shot my family will have the proof to show that everything was totally normal prior to. Response: “no, we can’t do that.” Ok then, no shot.

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Seriously, once you are diagnosed, there should be a pill pack of ivermectin, zinc, vit D3, vit C and whatever else works handed to you. None of this go home and take Tylenol anymore. This is insane.

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In case anyone doesn’t know, good news—DeSantis appointed an eminently rational surgeon general in Florida a few days ago, Joseph Ladapo. Unfortunately you can’t hear the reporters’ questions in this video, but you can hear his initial comments + his answers to their questions. He states that Florida will reject fear, will look more broadly at public health instead of micro focusing on one disease. He also states in answer to a question—and my jaw almost dropped on this one—that there is nothing special about vaccines, that they are one path of many to good health, and the fact that they’ve become almost a religion is crazy. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IPogn0cQG38

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Vaccinated or not, if you get COVID, you’ll want access to early treatment. Why this void? Perhaps more unnecessary deaths will make it more clear?

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I am so jaded and cynical, what do we really know about his demise?

It’s just sad that as soon as you say the word “Co\/id “, that’s the cause of death, forget the fact that the person is in treatment for acute care injuries or chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease or autoimmune problems…

Healthcare is dead, there’s no trust and there’s no reliability. And I’m a doctor, to have to say that is pathetic.

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This is getting to be way more than anecdotal. There are a LOT of people injured and dying from the vaccines. They should stop calling it covid19. Covid19 was here and gone in 70 days just like any other virus. The rest is pure engineering and genocide.

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This is what happened to me with COVID-19 & the covid-19 Vaccine. I realize it's anecdotal, but I'm living it just the same.

In retrospect if I would have gotten tested for covid ANTIBODIES, and if I was producing them naturally, I NEVER WOULD'VE/SHOULD'VE HAD THE VACCINE!

⬇️⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Patient here with systemic lupus.

After the covid-19 vaccine I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis & scleroderma.

~diagnosed COVID19 positive July 2020

Diagnosed with nr-axspa Oct 2020 and put on Humira

~April 2021 days after Phizer#2-diagnosed PSORIASIS (w secondary staph infection)

~Sep 2021 diagnosed with full blown Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

A POSITIVE covid-19 antibody test & NO VACCINE might've iliminated the % of risk.

That’s 1 very important reason NATURAL IMMUNITY MATTERS!

My specialists are thinking antibody dependent enhancement could have caused the multiple autoimmune diseases. That because I actually had covid, and then also had the vaccine, that the vaccine became the catalyst for PsA. (& I have it bad... Debilitating stiffness in lower spine, joint swelling in fingers & toes, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, uveitis, nail pitting, carpal tunnel, gastro issues.)

On the bright side, I'm fighting and this flare is ENDING (knock on wood🤞)

Edit to add: This isn't about having a flare up of a pre-existing autoimmune condition. I didn't have psoriatic arthritis until I got the covid-19 vaccine.


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The medical communities refusal to provide early treatment should be eye opening to everyone - it is hard to believe we have come to this - and the hospital situation for COVID patients is very frightening - a few at the top of the medical community are controlling everything, and if you step out of line you are finished - I guess that is how its done

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It's really sad when we lose someone to this terrible virus. I think it's even more terrible when people are gleeful of someone's death because they were or weren't vaccinated. It's hard to comprehend why someone would celebrate Joe Rogen's illness. Everyone who dies has loved one's who will be devastated by the loss.

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Thanks Alex for all the good reporting you do, relaying information that has helped to save lives. Take note people and do your own homework as well, to save your own life. It is clearer every day that the current administration is not interested in saving it for you, they want to control you, period.

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My vaccinated neighbor, who was in his early 50s just died with Covid. 1/160,000 is seeming less and less real.

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I’ve been reading and listening to a few German doctors speak about autopsies. If ADE is really on the table for the x-ed, then it will be yrs of sorrow.

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Just sad in so many ways. The truth needs and has to be exposed.

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There are very few reporters like you, Alex, who see no glee in deaths on either side, but instead try to bring information. I'm so sorry this happened. We should all be in this together, vaxxed and unvaxxed, sharing information about treatment and giving each other support instead of being torn apart and divided by MSM and the elites, who profit from our pain.

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could have been prevented, they all could have.

The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC8203399/

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It’s also if not more important to highlight these cases to fight the non science that supports vaccine mandates AND Rona passports!!

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More than half of the people hospitalized are vaccinated....And they are hiding it. And too bad shingles isn't a reportable disease (as if it would matter)..Dashing through the vax, on a two jab .blah, blah blah....shingle bells, shingle bells, shingle all the way oh what fun it is to throw in some herpes simplex too. No, but really. 16 cases in one primary care office THIS week..ALL vaxxed!

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I look at it this way: If an individual or a company with a known criminal history of lying about its products tried to sell you "gold," would you buy it? I am not willing to limit this discussion to one "disease" and one "treatment." Look at the legacy of "mental health" drugs! It is strewn with lies and misleading but attractive narratives that sold many worthless if not dangerous drugs to doctors and their patients. Now it's happening with a new "disease." Why should I take this round any more seriously that all those other times? In fact, I could easily see the whole painful "mental health" rollout as a rehearsal for the show we are now in.

Of course, many of the same questions that came up about psychiatric medications are now coming up about this story: Is it really a viral disease? How do people actually get sick? Is a vaccine the most appropriate response? What about the basics of healthy living? What is the real intention behind the politicization of this whole situation? These are all valid questions, and the many answers I have heard point inevitably to a bigger situation going on that those of use who still value our freedoms should not overlook. The choice right now might seem to be between sickness and health. But what if it turned out to be a choice between slavery and freedom?

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Even sadder is that the press will spin this to say that even though he was vaccinated, he was infected by the unvaccinated. Thus keeping the unvaccinated as the enemy, saying we will never be safe until we’re all vaccinated. Think of all the lives lost in the meantime, by censoring information about and access to safer and more effective therapeutic alternatives. Literally criminal activity from an uncaring and corrupt administration.

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I have 3 friends, fully vaxxed and Covid positive and sick.

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One thing that ought always be asked after vaccinated or unvaccinated deaths—did the person receive early treatment (ie monoclonal antibodies) or was he/she told to go home and wait for the symptoms to get worse before going to ER. I bet MT did NOT get monoclonal abs because of his age and vax status. I hope I’m wrong but too many people are being untreated by physicians which is absolute malpractice.

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Developed ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) after vax, then died

VAERS ID: 1696875 (history)

Form: Version 2.0

Age: 62.0

Sex: Male

Location: California

Vaccinated: 2021-04-07

Onset: 2021-05-05

Days after vaccination: 28

Submitted: 0000-00-00

Entered: 2021-09-14

Vaccin­ation / Manu­facturer Lot / Dose Site / Route


Administered by: Private Purchased by: ?

Symptoms: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Death, Electromyogram, Magnetic resonance imaging spinal, Nerve conduction studies


Life Threatening? No

Birth Defect? No

Died? Yes

Date died: 2021-08-23

Days after onset: 110

Permanent Disability? No

Recovered? No

Office Visit? No

ER Visit? No

ER or Doctor Visit? No

Hospitalized? No

Previous Vaccinations:

Other Medications: None

Current Illness: None

Preexisting Conditions: None

Allergies: Shellfish containing products

Diagnostic Lab Data: EMG/NCS and MRI of the Lumbar Spine.

CDC Split Type:

Write-up: Patient developed ALS shortly after his vaccine. He passed away within 4 months. It is unclear whether or not there is any relation to his development of ALS and his taking the vaccine - other than the association of timing. His wife felt strongly that this should be reported.

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The President of Chaminade High School died of Covid.. fully vaccinated. The MSM surely would've highlighted his story if he was not vaxxed and especially if he was anti vax

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thecovidblog.com lists a large assortment of vaccine deaths; parents, children, celebrities, and, all to often, those who went out of their way heap scorn and mockery on the vaccine-skeptical prior to, and sometimes after, falling ill.

(dear substack: and edit button would be useful!)

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If he were unvaccinated there would be at least 10 mainstream media articles shaming him. I can see it now: "Anti-vaxx fantasy football writer leaves behind family after selfishly refusing covid vaccine."

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Sad. When I hear of a vaccinated young person dying of covid, my first thought is- did they even get real treatment in the hospital. My second is - was he relatively healthy (not having obesity, diabetic,etc.). If he was, then I suspect ADE. When we start to see younger, vaccinated, relatively healthy people getting serious covid (corona virus) symptoms, that is the definition of ADE.

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Great new information from the Frontline Doctors on how to get IVM- https://covid19criticalcare.com/pharmacies/

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but .. did he actually die from the SARS-COV-2 virus .. or was it due to the induced Spike proteins from the mRNA he received, breaking away from the cells induced to produce them .. being then as free spikes, able to circulate throughout his body, and cause Covid symptoms leading to his death? .. easy for a doctor without the benefit of an autopsy to put it at the door of SARS-COV-2, and not the 'vaccine' .. but hey, the CDC has decided not to trouble anyone with this question or clarification

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That’s so sad and so many think just because they were vaccinated they’ll avoid dying or landing in the hospital. It’s just not true. Yesterday a friend says to me she’s gonna get the booster shot because she thinks it’s wrong for an unvaccinated person to take up a hospital bed for someone who might be sick with something else and not get a bed. This is the kind of BS people are believing. Covid doesn’t discriminate and it’s so obvious these jabs are not working as expected so we are all vulnerable.

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Mass use of therapeutics, from those used to prevent infection to those used to treat infection must be employed broadly. If you are anyone you know test positive for Covid get the MAB ASAP. It works. Signed, fully vaccinated and got Covid and got the antibodies infusion

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Asked my Kaiser MD about their early treatment protocol and it was nothing until you have pneumonia like symptoms then go to ER. Watched this today and pretty much sums up how I feel about “corporate” medicine now and this is an MD you can connect with for early treatment meds and believe it or not actual patient care. https://rokfin.com/stream/9390/Covid-ICU-Doctor-Quits-Over-Vaccine-Mandate

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Can someone please tell me at what point people are considered vaccinated? Is it 1..2.. or 3 shots..or is it a couple of weeks after your 4th or 5th?

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He was in the hospital in July for a heart issue.

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A woman interviewed in my staffing business on Friday - said she couldn’t work for a couple of days bc her 17yo son had a 106 degree temp. He was vaxed 3 days prior. A 17yo healthy person literally has 0.000% chance of Covid risk (death/icu), but gets hospitalized for the vax. Unreal

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This is incredibly sad. I worry that many vaxxed people, especially young vaxxed people, think this can't happen to them because they're "fully vaxxed". And the mainstream narrative just makes it worse. In their zeal to cover their collective asses, they've lied to people.

Please tell all your friends and family...vaxxed and unvaxxed...to take this seriously. Do what you can to optimize your immune system (D, C, Zinc, N-acetyl-cysteine, quercetin, aspirin, nasal washes). Get Ivermectin if you can.


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All I can say is this is a terrible, tragic outcome and I will pray for his family and, as I am Catholic, for his soul. Like others, I wonder if he was given ANY early treatment. My very cynical side wonders if there is now pressure to leave even the vaccinated untreated because we simply can't have success stories for early treatment. Everyone should be disturbed by the politicization of early treatment. It is unconscionable and unforgiveable.

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Asking why someone died "of Covid" just after receiving the jab is a loaded question isn't it?

It seems the real question should be, perhaps the jab is what killed that person.



Inform yourselves


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Whoever this guy is, I pray for his soul, but should he not have informed himself a little better? 'Yes I have had the shots'? Really? Why would he even go have a test? Bless his heart.

Hate if you want, but at some point we have to stop this cycle of test, shot, test...

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He went away to write his book and got sick, 7/16 , he came down with Covid on 8/3 probably caught it in the hospital while being treated for his heart problem. Wonder if that's when he got his vaccination? Below is from his twitter page:

Mike Tagliere



Jul 16

On a serious note, thank all of you for reaching out to wish me well. Heart decided it wanted to run 130-plus beats per minute for two hours straight while I was relaxing. Blood pressure shot up. Out of the hospital now with heart rate meds. Cardiologist appt next.

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