16 days to PANDEMIA

Get those preorders in now. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top.

(Amazon hardcover): https://amzn.to/3Ec7O9v

(B&N hardcover): https://bit.ly/3vAtkBw

(Apple ebook): https://apple.co/3vCCfm6

Also, if you are a founding member (meaning you have ponied up $300 for a year of Unreported Truths, even though you could read it for free! I don’t judge), you still have a few days to send your address for a signed first edition.

Email me at signedpandemiacopy@gmail.com. If you want to become a founding member, you still can upgrade your Substack subscription.

I apologize for not being able to send signed copies to all paying subscribers who would like one - the demand is just overwhelming. If you aren’t a founding member and would like a signed first, you need a really good story, like this:

My husband and I started a tradition several years ago of gifting signed copies of what we considered important works on current events and historical events for our godson. I will read this book first, but plan to gift it to my nephew for his birthday in December. I want to maintain a tradition that we started together, as Mike was called Home by our Heavenly Father this summer, rather suddenly, and not COVID.

Obviously, she’s getting one.

Have a great weekend -