WARNING: Explicit content (I am not joking)

Just so we’re clear on how Twitter uses Section 230 to control its content and make sure it isn’t filled with porn and hate (the woke lawyer fantasy for why social media sites deserve federal protection to censor) , here’s what Evatwenty just offered her 555,800 followers:

This is your chance not to scroll down:





As you can see, Eva’s followers are, umm, passionate - the video has been viewed 18,000 times in two hours.

On the other hand, at least Twitter carefully tracks misogynistic content!

Oh, wait:

Let’s not even start down the anti-Semitic rathole:

What about the word so toxic that even saying it aloud can get a white person fired?

I thought you’d never ask.

Huh. Looks like Twitter is a First Amendment free speech playground where unpopular and even vile views are tolerated and explicit pornography is available at a click to all users! (Just as California law requires of messenger services.)

Except… when it’s not.

Lil bird has some ‘splaining to do!