Urgent: Elizabeth Warren is trying to censor me

Senator Warren is urging Amazon to hide my Unreported Truths booklets (or stop selling them entirely) - please let Amazon and the senator know where you stand!

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren wants Amazon to help her control what you can and can’t read.

Last week, Warren sent Amazon a six-page letter complaining that the company is not actively hiding my Unreported Truths booklets - as well as others that present unapproved views about Covid-19 - in its search results.

As you may remember, Amazon initially refused to sell the first Unreported Truths booklet, but backed off under pressure from Elon Musk, among others. Since then, I have written three more.

The four booklets have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and received near perfect reviews from readers. The most recent, about vaccines, continues to sell strongly almost six months after it was released.

You can find it here: https://amzn.to/3A9iB2H

Warren’s letter focuses mainly on the fact that my and other books are prominently displayed in Amazon’s search engine (this is no surprise, given their ratings and sales). But it hints that she would like to go further. It asks Amazon to explain its “existing policies regarding the listing, promotion, and sale [emphasis added] of books and other products containing COVID-19 misinformation on its platform?”

To be clear, the Unreported Truths booklets contain no misinformation. As those of you who have read them know, they are sourced from government data and scientific preprints and peer-reviewed papers. I provide links to the relevant documents so readers can judge them for themselves.

But even if the booklets were completely wrong, their dangers would pale in comparison with the risks of government-fueled censorship. Elizabeth Warren should not be telling Amazon - which essentially controls retail book sales in the United States - what it can and cannot sell.

After Twitter’s ban of me last month (and Warren actually references Twitter ‘s defamatory action in her letter), I can’t take this risk lightly. Neither should you. I urge you to tell Amazon - and the senator’s office - what you think of censorship.

And if you haven’t purchased the booklets - especially the vaccine booklet - now might be the time. (I’d urge you to buy the paper version, though I actually earn less on it - Amazon cannot control it once it’s in your hands.)

After all, the way things are going, you may not have the chance much longer.