“This isn’t intended to come across as antivax in any way…”

But the mRNA shots seem to have turned my menstrual cycle upside down. Not that I wouldn’t get jabbed again. I would, of course I would. Science!

The question Katy Stoll should be asking herself - among many others - is why. Why on earth would I take this novel biotechnology again? Why did I agree to take it in the first place?

Stoll is a 37-year-old woman who is not morbidly obese. Thus she is at roughly zero risk of death or even serious complications from Covid. Her worst-case would realistically be a day or two in the hospital, and even that is unlikely.

What have we - and by we I mean the mRNA vaccine fanatics - done?

And what will it take for the people we’ve done it to to get angry and demand answers?

Fighting for people who are too deep in their own cognitive dissonance to fight for themselves is exhausting. I mean, I’m not going to stop, they deserve the truth even if they are afraid to ask for it, but it is exhausting.

Help me fight: