Tell me you know boosters are useless without telling me you know boosters are useless

Once again, the Times walks up to the truth and then points the other way:

Know the real reason the public health authorities have given up on the fourth mRNA shot?

It probably has something to do with this Israeli study showing that even though a fourth jab increased anti-spike protein antibodies eightfold or more, it did NOTHING to keep people from being infected with Omicron only weeks after being given. (The negative confidence interval = nothing.)

“Next generation vaccine development” lol. The mRNA vaccines were SUPPOSED TO BE the next generation. That was less than two years ago.

Kids grow up so fast.

Just how useless are the mRNA shots?

This useless: about 20 percent of all the people in the Israeli trial were infected in less than a month after getting a fourth dose (compared to about 25 percent who had received “only” three).

Read that again. All these people had received AT LEAST three mRNA shots. Yet as Omicron spread across Israel, it infected one out of every five of them in a matter of weeks.


That infection rate is more or less the definition of complete vaccine failure. Which is why Israel - the only country in the world to offer a fourth mRNA dose widely - just went through its worst wave of Covid deaths yet, mostly in vaccinated people.

We are all incredibly lucky Omicron is milder overall than previous variants.

I suspect the health authorities (at least the smarter ones) know this, and thus the happy talk about my booster protecting you, or whatever lie they’re spinning today.

Wall Street knows the truth, though: