So much to write, so little time

Sorry I’ve been busy; my discovery production for Twitter is due June 16, and I am very focused on it. I take Judge William Alsup’s order seriously and intend to do everything possible to meet my obligations under it. I wish I didn’t, because I have much to write.

A partial list includes:

The bad, no good, horrible, terrible data hidden in the FDA review of Moderna’s submission to use its mRNA Covid vaccine for kids and teens (so many suicide attempts, so little time!);

The sudden second life of Tell Your Children and the slow realization among parents that legalizers and the industry have lied to them about the mental health risks of cannabis, especially for teenagers;

More on inflation, why the numbers are even worse than they seem, and how the elite media continues to Bidenwash the reality of what is happening. (How long can a supply chain disruption last? Apparently as long as a Democrat is president!);

I would like to update you on the litigation, too, but I cannot right now. I’ll just say this: Twitter has banned me (for publishing accurate and truthful information) but allows this:

“alex berenson go away forever challenge”?

Is that what I used to call a death wish, or more of an actual death threat/incitement? Who can tell? No matter, I don’t have an account on Twitter so I can’t inform the company about it in any reasonable way. Keep in mind, this person is a bluecheck with 29,000 followers.

In this way Twitter’s ban does not merely breach the company’s contract with me, defame me, and potentially violate my rights under the First Amendment and California Constitution - it may actually endanger me.

Trust and safety, amirite, lil bird?

In happier news, the Berenson v. Twitter war chest continues to grow. Thousands of you have donated already. I cannot thank you enough for your support, which will give us the ammunition we need to pursue this case until we have the truth.

If you would like to join the team, the GoFundMe link is here - - or just click the underlined words.

If you would rather avoid GoFundMe, you can also email me at alexberensonauthor at gmail for my Venmo account or send a check directly to Envisage Law at 2601 Oberlin Rd STE 100, Raleigh, NC 27608.

Back to sorting through emails from last July (it’s less fun than it seems!).