With Pfizer pressuring the FDA to rush approve their poison for 0-5 year old's before March in order to get their grand-prize blanket immunity shield from ALL COVID vaccine damage...

tritorch.com/Pfizer0-5 - gotta rush to get that blanket immunity before the media can no longer hide the vast vaccine damage and death - look at the highlights in that image

..campaigns have been launched world-wide to make it seem like kids and young adults having heart attacks is and always has been normal. Here are some examples:





In fact, the powers that shouldn't be consider this pre-programming so essential that a heart health company out of the UK even went so far as to make a commercial showing a healthy pre-teen soccer player falling face-first dead on the field, as if that happens every day:


more info here:


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Wow. It seems the people having taken all the shots are not doing well. It vindicates my / our points however is extremely sad. I'm sure many like myself have family and friends who have taken the shots and we really want them to hear the truth, but I certainly hate to see this terrible data when it gets personal. May God bless the victims of this crime against humanity and send the government agents and others responsible straight to Hell. RESIST.

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Just read this. Its only connection is that it's Australia:

West Australian parents who are unvaccinated will be banned from seeing their own sick children in the state's hospitals in the new, strict laws drawn up by Premiere McGowan.

The tough new rules will come in to play on January 31, only those with exemptions from the vaccine or on compassionate grounds, including end of life visits, will be allowed to step inside the hospitals which includes visiting their own kids.

The news anchors reporting this as if it's just another story is particularly ghoulish.

There is no compassion for the actual people affected by this evil policy.

The cruelty is the point.


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As the late journalist Clive James once said “The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts, but that so many of them are descended from prison officers.”


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Good thing Australia is sending unvaxxed to camps….keep them away from the superspreaders.

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Feb 1, 2022·edited Feb 1, 2022

At this point, the data doesn't matter, except perhaps as a tool for posterity. COVID orthodoxy is a matter of religion and the religious fervor for vaccines, masks, lockdowns, etc. are not subject to logic, but sacramental articles of faith.

Galileo, having perfected and popularized the telescope, was able to make novel observations about celestial mechanics. Instead of being celebrated, he was condemned because his observations ran contrary to Papal orthodoxy, which held that there is but one universe and that the earth was at the center of it.

Despite the fact Galileo's observations required merely peering through his device to prove, the Church still won the debate. How? By disallowing debate at all. Forget about the observations, they argued, because using a telescope was the sin. By force of such arguments, Galileo was tried, found "vehemently suspect of heresy" and endured the remainder of his years under house arrest.

In the case of early astronomy, facts and data didn't matter. All that mattered was what the powers that be wanted. The sun going around the earth "fit the narrative" and therefore could not be challenged. Today's experience with COVIDianism is no different. Facts don't matter and merely looking at data is a sin.

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You might want to update your source link to be a link instead of plain text. And it wouldn't hurt to remove the bullshit Google has been putting on the end of urls (starts with the pound (#) sign)

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Strange! I find it Strange that China and Africa that are non mRNA nations/continents with almost 3 billion people combined have very low death rates (If you can believe China data) compared to the mRNA nations of the world. Add India (one tenth death rate of U. S.), with 1.4 Billion people, which has its own vaccine and passes out Ivermectin like candy on Halloween and the mRNA vaccines start to look like a death traps. Strange!

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Yeah but... don't forget that "omicron" only reacts with 2 of 3 of the PCR primers. So a useless, wildly over-sensitive test actually becomes even more useless and over-sensitive with a lower bar to pass. The data is meaningless. It always has been meaningless. It's even more meaningless now that it ever was.

Oh and isn't it summer in Oz...??

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I'm 6'0, 160 lbs and I've circumnavigated this Pandemic quite nicely if I may so myself. No Vax, No problem, never even considered it. I am a Biologist and I knew they were lying on day one with the "wet market" false flaggery. Any second grader could see it came from the GIANT GLOBAL CORONAVIRUS EXPERIMENTATION LAB DOWN THE STREET!!!!!. So if they were lying on DAY ONE, was I gonna believe anything they said going forward? NOPE!! Was I gonna get tricked/duped/bullied/pressured into shooting a cocktail of who knows what into my arm? When only very old and sick were being affected by the virus? NAH BABY, NAH!! Zero problems, zero side effects. Just a data point. Money Mike has spoken (again)

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Ontario, Canada stopped reporting the vaccination status of those who die right when they started the booster campaign. Everyone thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist for bringing this up, however this data HAD BEEN AVAILABLE THE WHOLE TIME....until early January when deaths started climbing from a few per day to over 40 per day (pop.of Ontario around 15 million) Some local health units (London,ON for eg.) still report locally.....and 95%+ in this one city are double and 3x vaxxed. It's not speculation to think that number is the same across Ontario. Governments pushing these boosters ARE killing people.

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Thank you for continuing to report on government lies, half-truths and misdirection.

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I think Bourla and Fauci should be locked up for life in the same cell in the dungeon underneath D. C. !

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Well, looks like Biden may have been right for once - 2022 will be the winter of death, although it won't be who he thought it was going to be. And dare I say it, who he wished it would be.

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Feb 1, 2022·edited Feb 1, 2022

Here in Sydney PM Morrison went to the National Press Club for a speech yesterday and there were a few choice happenings. First he was asked if he knew the current price of a loaf of bread, a litre of petrol, or a RAT test. He said he did not. Secondly, text messages from one of his closest political allies were leaked, she said he was a disgusting horrible person and a psychopath. When confronted with those words, he absolutely crumpled in realtime, live on TV. Then they asked if he regretted anything about his Covid response and he stated only that HE WISHED HE HAD FULLY MILITARISED IT FROM THE OUTSET. Then as his car was leaving he got blocked and heckled by protesters. The election is just months away and the heir apparent is a globalist collectivist puddle of slime by the name of Anthony Albanese ("Labor" Party), famous locally for knowing nothing about nothing and doing nothing about anything. He will be on speed dial for Obama, Gates, Soros, and Zuckerberg when they give their instructions on what should be done next to this country. In a perfect analog to The Dems in the US, Labor have utterly abandoned the working class, small business, free speech, and any last semblance of human rights in favor of the same dreary corporatist endless wars and destruction of the very basis of this formerly free society.

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We have been told that we are experiencing a "pandemic of the unvaccinated". It isn't true. The US/CDC data is garbage, perhaps intentionally so. The UK data is not. Human biology is the same on both side of the pond.

From the UK Health Security Agency Report Week 4, COVID-19 cases by vaccination status between week 52 2021 and week 3 2022, all age cohorts 50 and older:

Deaths within 28 days in vaxxed (1, 2, or 3 doses):

50-59 61.1%

60-69 66.3%

70-79 77%

80+. 84.7%

735711 Cases

77% double-vaxxed and boosted

15.6% double-vaxxed

4.2% vaxx free

102,270 Hospitalizations within 28 days of positive test

56% double-vaxxed and boosted

23.4% double-vaxxed

17.1% vaxx free

4,423 deaths within 28 days of positive test or with C-19 reported on death certificate

41.2% double-vaxxed and boosted

33.7% double-vaxxed

20.4% vaxx free

While the rate of hospitalization and death is higher in the unvaxxed, the rate rate of infection in the triple-vaxxed is higher in all age cohorts 18 and older. Much higher. For example, the rate of infection in the triple-vaxxed ago 50-59 is two times the rate in the vaxx free.

I would also add that the vaxx and booster rate in the UK is very high. The vaxx free are not anti-vaxxer n'er-do-wells like me. They are most likely too ill to take the jab.

Page 47, Table 13. Unadjusted rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalisation and death in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.


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Pfizer is pure evil with their push on C19 vaxxing for babies 0-5. This level of evil will be seen by the sheep when their perfectly healthy baby succumbs to the jab. Then watch what happens.

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ADE is likely an issue. I believe Scotland's numbers are worse.The future does not look great for those without innate immunity. All bets are off.

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Racism or climate change, Jen Psaki just told me over margaritas at the kickboxing club.

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Good thing Novak was not allowed to play tennis. Imagine if that bastard would've infected all of Melbourne? (please read with plenty of snark...)

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Thank you for this. I hope the truth comes out enough so the average person on the street is fully cognizant the vaccinated are getting just as sick or sicker than the non-vaccinated. That would turn this thing around quicker than anything IMO.

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The fact that our 'officials' are phrasing things exactly like Pfizer doesn't sit well with me.

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Here Fauci says the vaccines could make this worse. He actually said that. Here it is. But Berenson gets accused of spreading misinformation for saying the same thing. https://redstate.com/scotthounsell/2021/12/15/watch-fauci-said-in-march-2020-that-vaccines-could-actually-make-people-worse-n491477

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Thanks for letting me comment, likely the last time I do so here.

I get it, the inoculations are overall a fraud if not a covert agenda to induce misery and death for those manipulated or just frightened into submission.

But, the real endpoint for me is why, why are a hundred + million or more Americans so willingly going along with this horrific plan to disrupt destroy & decimate peoples lives?

I leave people with this: ask yourself as well as others, what are the basic principles and beliefs that drive you to be the person you are, for your family, your community, your job, your travels across various interactions in your life?

I’ve said it so many times, I’ve seen so many people who stand for nothing who then fall for anything, I think dependency/addiction and personality disorder is so prevalent, we really have no hope to see things get back to a level of healthy function and appropriateness. Interpersonal skills and insight/ judgment are beyond impaired and deficient.

So, maybe we really are The Walking Dead, we’re just not physically there, yet…

Good luck in your travels, by summer, we’re going to watch Blacks Love Murder and their buddies of Antifa take over as the minion thugs for the Democrats and just lay waste to cities and states.

I also think China and Russia are just waiting for us to kill ourselves, why waste their own people and resources when we seem so efficient at destroying ourselves?

So, Good luck to you Alex in your pursuits.

Know this, if they can wind up silencing Joe Rogan, you won’t be too difficult to take down too. Because the Left truly are terminators…


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It’s really simple. Its the vaccines that are killing and maiming people for life. It’s not this rather mild flu. If the paid assassins at the NIAID and the NIH and the CDC had said simply take aspirin with plenty of water and get plenty of rest there would have been no pandemic. There would have been a mortality rate of about .025% of the total population and way less than that for healthy people younger than 65. Why don’t you ponder that awhile. It’s time for a mass call for justice.

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Aussie here. Just a quick edit the 30 year old had 2 shots not boosted, which should have been sufficient with a good vaccine. It’s quite amazing to watch people blame the Gov saying they “ let it rip” when infact it’s the vaccines that are doing that. The Gov put too much faith in the vaccines & thought it would all be good. Unvaccinated is about 6% of the population however the measure of a good vaccine is not defined by those that don’t take it, but rather those vaccinated & due to worsen death numbers the push for boosters in ramping up with the State Premiers, not Federal looking to mandate them

(Teachers are already in that booster mandate).

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I imagine if the US actually reported truthfully, we would see very similar numbers, perhaps a lean toward a younger average age of death due to how unhealthy our population is overall. We are just so embarrassing.

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Feb 1, 2022·edited Feb 1, 2022

Would the media hide the truth if Trump was the President? I don’t get the motivation to lie except to protect Fauci and Biden. Perhaps they’re all triple vaxxed and fear the truth. Regardless, we should all know plenty as time goes by.

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I have posted this elsewhere like on Steve Kirsch's substack. The info about the 40% unvaccinated death rate is important. I also should add that the infection rate in Denmark has been about 10% , so that can be used a reference number for what fraction of the very old and frail are infected and then wind up in hospital.

Here is some information supplementing the Danish data based on my own analysis, as I try to uncover whether vaccines prevent "serious illness". This is very important since it is the final "excuse", namely that vaccines prevent serious illness. I contend that it is not the case, and depends entirely on the condition of the person who contracts the virus.

I was looking at some Danish data where they showed boosters for 70-79, 80-89 and 90+. The boosted dropped as the age increased to about 91% for 90+. This reinforces that the very ill, very old that largely represent the unvaccinated that are hospitalized and also die. Especially when you get into the 90%+ range for vaccination of adults overall.

Anyway, DK currently has 1500 people in nursing homes that are unvaccinated and 2800 >65 that received home aides paid by the government. (This latter group is 93.9% unvaccinated, which is significantly lower than other elderly segments. ) I expect that these two groups (4300) consitute the majority of the highest risk people in DK. If we look at age alone, there are 3000 people born 1936 or older that are unvaccinated. Currently there are 246 unvaccinated in hospital, so you can see that these nominally small segments of unvaccinated could easily account for the vast majority of the hospitalized unvaccinated category. In terms of deaths 3100 of 3600 to date were above 70.

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Here in Colorado, like many states, the hospitals do not have access to the state immunization database. Yet they still report hospitalizations by vaccination status, but only in aggregate and not verified at the individual level. They're fine with reporting junk data as it furthers the narrative. Everyone I know who is vaxxed and boosted is continuously getting sick and all of them fared worse against Omicron than I did against Delta.

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Alex, I love you, but please get this through your thick skull: If 90% of a population is vaccinated, but only 75% of that SAME population is dying from COVID, then the vaccine is STATISTICALLY HAVING AN EFFECT. If no effect, then both numbers would be 90%... Since it's lower, it tells us there's reduction in mortality as a result of the vaccine. Just... Please... acknowledge this fact because this my friend makes your reporting biased.

Your assertion that adjusted numbers don't matter is patently FALSE. YES it does matter. If 2 people in a population don't have the vaccine, and 2 people die, then 100% of the unvaxxed died. Adjusting by population size IS THE WAY YOU MEASURE THIS.

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As the Australian Elitist Dictators would say: Hey, At Least the dead got the Jab; It could of been worse!

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They KNOW what they are doing. Premeditated Genocide:

Dr. Michael Yeadon: THIS MUST STOP! Pfizer Documents Show FDA Knew of Death Risk https://lionessofjudah.substack.com/p/dr-michael-yeadon-this-must-stop

The Truth About Safety of mRNA Vaccines Found in The European Medicines Agency's Document Titled "Comirnaty (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine) Risk Management Plan" Welcome to the Medical Inquisition


mRNA "Vaccines" Are Gene Therapy. May cause Undesirable Side Effects That Could Delay Or Prevent Their Regulatory Approval According To BioNTech SEC Filing The Truth About "Safe and Effective" mRNA "Vaccines" Hidden In Plain Sight


Canadian Immunization Research Network, Which Evaluates Vaccines, Is Funded By Big Pharma


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Australia has almost no Covid since March 2020. The cases, hospitalizations and deaths went through the roof after mass vaccinations which took place in last several years of past year.

So, what's the conclusion?

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Actually, recall that as of recently, you are NO LONGER considered 'vaccinated' if you didn't get a 3rd or greater mRNA shot. So 'unvaccinated' category for all of these charts now includes deaths for all those who got clot shots too, right?

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At some point if the opponents {doctors. virologist, epidemiologists} are right there won't be enough cat litter to hide the truth about these vax that short cut the safety trials. Heads are gonna roll if this occurs.

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Feb 1, 2022·edited Feb 1, 2022

Is Australian covid protocol (medical) similar to many of the US hospitals, which are denying proper care?

Why are we still talking "deaths" like there was nothing else to be done for those people? I think we should start saying "probable malpractice victims" instead.

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NSW is highly jabbed due to the genocidal former Premier Berijiklian. That's what Omicron is.

1,600 deaths in the United States is about 4.5 hours worth of deaths in that country normally.

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" who died of Covid"

once again you are spreading misinformation!?

it is "with "covid not "of "covid.

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Once again, the vax is the disease. Literally and metaphorically.

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When the shit hits the fan a group of people are gonna be really unhappy.

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Absolutely mindboggling that Gvt, Public Health and MSM allow this to continue.... and did not heed or enquire or discuss, Dr Geert Vanden Bosche's warning in mid 2020, when he said this is exactly what would happen.

Criminally and Morally culpable.

Crimes Against Humanity.

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Feb 2, 2022·edited Feb 2, 2022

The data from Denmark and Public Health Scotland clearly show that the vaccinated are more likely to catch coronavirus. Therefore, I would guess their immune systems are damaged.

Whether the immune system damage just relates to coronavirus is unlikely, since we see outbreaks of other viruses such as shingles in the vaccinated. Also, there appear to be increased rates of cancer and autoimmune diseases in the vaccinated which also indicates immune system damage. I would separate this from the other known vaccine side effects (cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, etc) and that also can lead to death.

On another note, Alex always assumes that there are people "too sick to be vaccinated". I think this is wrong. In Germany, for example, they have been jamming multiple vaccinations into palliative patients. They don't necessarily even get asked.

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Time to revisit supervaxed Israeli Covid deaths, yesterday 121, day before 80, this is higher than the previous Jan 2021 peak of 75 - will Israel in the end bring down the narrative? In Italy politicians are starting to run scared, images of Mussolini hung upside down in Piazzale Loreto are a reminder of what happens when people get really pissed with their govt

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Unvaxxed New South Wales resident here. I’m still waiting and anticipating to catch covid as our cases remain high. I’ve watched many of my vaxxed friends around me getting covid and it’s been refreshing to hear some are waking up. I’ve managed to hold onto my job so far and I’m only one of two left in the company. As other countries start to drop mandates I’m praying that we don’t double down and do something even stupider.

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I don’t need any more convincing that western governments are behaving as if coerced by a hostile foreign entity and are attacking their own people. The questions to address now are how do we stop it, and if we can’t, how do we survive? Canada is mounting the fiercest opposition but it looks like Trudeau has moved this morning to prevent the truckers from accessing fuel, as I knew he would eventually. I think who ever is behind this knew that all they had to do was control the main stream narrative so until that changes I worry a majority will keep sleep walking off the plank. Voter fraud also troubles me because we can’t vote the bastards out.

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As in most countries, people in Australia are not considered fully vaccinated until 14 days after their 2nd shot. It has also not been clarified by the Government whether those considered eligible (due) for their Boosters are now considered unvaccinated. As such there is a high possibility that 2 dose vaccinated and those under the 14 days post Booster are represented as unvaccinated.

I am also aware there are many unvaccinated individuals who are not vaccinated due to existing severe medial conditions.

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Great article Alex and coincidentally, covers the same stats I've been watching this week as I live in Victoria - which is only 350km's from the NSW border.

The lunacy of the NSW CMO (who's now quite clearly 'off her chops' mad) at her own media releases is just staggering. Her own information clearly shows the huge negative impact the vaccines are having with death and infection numbers like yours today - yet at the end of it she goes on some idiotic rant about how important it is to get yourself jabbed and to go get your boosters! It's just madness and totally irrational.

Our Federal Health Minister is even more corrupt and evil than her though with him recently saying he wants 4 doses! His brother - quite coincidentally is on the Board or a Senior Exec at Pfizer. He was also at the WEF meetings with the other idiots Ardern and Trudeau back in the late 90's - planning this madness. I want them to hang for this.

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Kinda off topic, but my friend owns an art gallery in Portland Oregon. He decided to pull his artist's work out of a charity auction because they had a vaccine requirement.

He's being smeared on social media. Now this article below pops up on Substack. The reporter doesn't get a lot of things right about the whole timeline and what was said by whom. My friend is a gentle, good man and he is trying to stand up for what is right against overwhelming opposition. He doesn't deserve this.

If ya'll have a second to comment in support of my friend and against mandates, please do so. But please be nice.


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