Quick update

Yes, I'm still here...

And I have at least six pieces to write. No joke, six. Just been a li’l busy trying to finish the book, talking with lawyers, and, oh yeah, spending some time with my family on a holiday weekend.

This is yet another reason Twitter’s ban is difficult - I could have spent a few minutes explaining why that Bangladeshi mask study from last week has holes big enough to let a virus through, but apparently not.

Anyway, more coming soon, and once the book is done I will be able to focus on the Stack. Meantime, you can hear me on Clay and Buck today at 2:05, and I STRONGLY urge you to read the piece linked below. I don’t know who wrote it, and I don’t agree with every word, but it is a very, very good look at the overarching issues around the ro and vaccines. Here’s the money shot:

Until now, Corona policy in every western country has unfolded more or less according to the same script, devised by the World Health Organization at the end of February 2020. The final act was supposed to be the wide-scale eradication of Corona after mass vaccination. It is now clear that this will never happen. For the first time since March 2020, there is no obvious international consensus on the way forward.

Talk soon


Vaccine Failure and the Way Out
The Corona vaccines don’t work very well. Ubiquitous statistics showing that the vaccinated enjoy substantial protection against serious illness and death seem wrong. In some cases they are probably manipulated. They are certainly confounded by the different testing regimes to which the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are subjected. Once you forget the ……
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