For a good time, call 1-800-LONG-COVID

It’s Friday.

Another long week of the data you read here NOT getting reported anywhere else, leading you to wonder whether the whole @%$ media is gaslighting you. (Pretty much yep.)

Also some of you have been watching some nutty video about snake venom. I know, because you’re telling me I gotta see it.

No. Wrongo. I don’t gotta see it. Step away from the snake venom video, sir.

As the cruise director of the happy ship Team Reality, my job is to steer you between the Scylla of “I’m so glad I got Covid after being double-boosted, my myocarditis is mild, yay!” and the Charybdis of the snake venom/5G/sticky magnetized quarter videos. (Remember the sticky magnetized quarter videos from last spring? Aren’t you glad you never told anyone you watched those?)


It’s Friday.

Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up, a little something to put a smile on his/her/they/them/its face?

Your faithful cruise director has the answer.

Take yourself over to Diana Zicklin Berrent’s Twitter feed.

Who’s Diana Zicklin Berrent? She makes a short appearance in PANDEMIA (now available at Amazon for $19.79). She's the founder of Survivor Corps, an organization dedicated to the proposition that no one who ever had Covid should ever have to work again.

Because Long Covid, see! Yes, the “Survivor” in Survivor Corps refers to people who have survived… Covid! Like, oh, about 998 out of every 1,000 people who get it.

Naturally, Berrent is a Covid panic porner of the highest order.

And she is NOT HAPPY WITH YOU PEOPLE! Any of you! She is living in April 2020 and you are living in April 2022 and she doesn’t like it one little bit. She wants masks. She wants mRNA for toddler. She wants mRNA for herself too. Lots of mRNA.

In fact she wants more mRNA so badly she lied to get some. Because “personal responsibility.”

No, I am not making this up. The leading lobbyist for “long Covid” believes that bragging publicly about lying is evidence of “personal responsibility.”

Berrent wants money, too. Your money. She’s begging for it right now, in the lamest possible way - claiming that Survivor Corps will shut down in nine days if she doesn’t raise $200,000.

If only. Take the over on the nine days.

But you don’t have to donate. You can just read the feed. Come for the pretend science:

Stay for the moral outrage.

So much moral outrage!

As the saner members of Team Apocalypse do their best to pretend that the last two years didn’t happen (No, friends, I never told you to spray your mail with disinfectant! I did leave my house in 2020, I promise!) - they are leaving a hard core of nutters who are very, very angry.

The truth is that these folks are pathetic in their neuroses and fear. I actually think laughing at them would be wrong, if they hadn’t spent the last two years trying to force masks and mRNA on the rest of us - as well as demanding an unlimited supply of taxpayer cash for the myth that is long Covid.

But they are, so they’ve earned it.

You can find the feed @dianaberrent

Thank me later.