Covid deaths in Israel have hit an all-time daily high. The mRNA vaccine experiment has failed. IT MUST END NOW.

Remember: Israel was the first country to mass vaccinate with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

It was the first country to use boosters.

The first to offer a fourth shot.

About 95 percent of adults over 50 are vaccinated. About 85 percent have received a booster.

This is the result.

How can anyone view this chart as evidence of anything except - at best - complete vaccine failure? And at worse evidence that the mRNA vaccines are interacting with Omicron in a way that is worsening outcomes. Spare me the talk of relative risk ratios. SPARE ME. The vast majority of the people dying in Israel are vaccinated.

Something is very wrong and the only rational solution at this point is to pull the vaccines and figure out what.

We are very, very fortunate that Omicron is less dangerous overall. The next variant may not be.