Censorship fails again

Nothing stops the truth

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Last night I sent out that Substack about Elizabeth Warren’s letter trying to get Amazon to suppress the Unreported Truths booklets.

Nothing else. No TV or radio hits. No news articles.

This morning the booklet is #2 on Amazon. Not the #2 science book, or even #2 nonfiction. The second-best selling book, period.

Folks are angry out there. Angry at the lies and the power grab. Angry at being forced to take a vaccine that they know they don’t need and may even hurt them. Whole football stadiums are cursing Joe Biden. The protests are growing.

Sometimes people email me and tell me that I’m the tip of the spear. I’m starting to like that analogy. Because the tip is nothing without the spear behind it.

But it’s not exactly right.

I’m not the tip. The truth is the tip.

You are the spear.

Thank you.