And why it is so hard for the people in charge to understand when they've made a catastrophic mistake, much less change course
He is going to keep on pouring money into efforts to stop the next pandemic until he finally succeeds in making one that kills us all
Please stop with the raccoon dogsLast night, The Atlantic - of course it was The Atlantic - had BREAKING NEWS! And by BREAKING NEWS I mean yet another migraine-inducing story pu…
*Not free, you have to be a $300/year founding member (but if you are one, what are you waiting for?)
What happened over the weekend is bigger than Silicon Valley Bank; once again the wealthiest, most politically connected companies and executives are…
*Yes, that is a totally inappropriate Mein Kampf joke.
Berenson v. Biden is coming very soonWe will be filing in the Second Circuit. Obviously, New York is a very blue state, but Knight Institute v. Trump is my new favorite decision. An…
It's not that we can't see the threats, it's that the people who should be worried are making too much money to care
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